Thursday, October 04, 2007

Why are there so many shades of white paint?

Winter white
Abby white
Abode white
Parchment white
Butter milk

one "white"color was cookies & favorite ice cream!

The top rack was full of different shades of white. Different names, same colors, seriously. Why do they make it so hard to choose? And why did shopping for paint make he hungry for dairy? No wonderI wanted ice cream after shopping in the worst way...

Well, it's home improvement time in the crooked eyebrow house. Which means, once again, I will be covered with paint in my hair, eyelashes, hands and nails. Oh, not to mention the ever so fun, one foot in the tray of paint, which happens every time. By the end of my self painting punishment, there will be my foot prints all over the drop cloths. You could say I get into my painting, in more ways than one.

There have been many home improvement projects done in the last 7 years. Most of them involve some kind of paint or stain. Which automatically throws me into the equation. The husband? Does not like to paint. At all. I found that out while trying to complete the first "improvement" to our new home, the nursery. We put of painting the room for so long, that one day he came home to a very pregnant wife painting the room entirely of "blue booties" paint. Looking back, I'm not sure what I was thinking. I can't stand to look at a baby blue color at all anymore. I guess I was excited to be having a boy...

Just in painting alone I have done...

JC's bedroom twice - first blue, now pale green

3rd bedroom/office once- now "pony tail"/lkhaki brown

bathroom- yellow sponge painting

living room twice- was almond, now one red wall and golden almond

all doors and trim twice- white

basement hallway- pumpkin(it's ugly)

and now after 7 years, comes my room.

One thing I am most proud of in my 7 years of being a home owner is pulling up the carpet and redoing the hard wood floors. My mother and I rented a drum sander, stayed up for over 30+ hours and sanded. Somewhere around the 12 hour I looked at my bleeding hands and cried. A lot. Then around the 20th hour passed and I was dropping an f* bomb every 4 words. Sometime around hour 27, I began to feel proud and it all seemed so worth it. As a few days passed and the stain and varnish were done, I sat on the floor, opened a bottle of wine with my sore and calloused hands and cried some more. It was an accomplishment alright, lesson learned, I'll pay someone next time.

So what now? Recently we have dry wall ceiling replaced in the kitchen and in the master bedroom. Since then our bedroom has been dismantled and quite frankly, we want our room back. An assembled bed would be nice, although I have gotten used to the couch.

Ladies and gentleman, another painting journey begins tonight. I, crooked eyebrow, will conquer the painting once more and will defiantly curse a heck of a lot more, all in hopes of having my bed back together and have a functioning room once again. Oh, that will be heavenly.

Next project, the kitchen, anyone want to having a remodling party with me?


Teena said...

I discovered the different colours of white when we had a fire in our complex six years ago. We are a bottom unit so ended up with all the water ... so they had to repaint some of the trim around the windows. They repainted it "white" ... but a different colour of white than the walls so it REALLY stood out. Needless to say, they did it right eventually.

My Wonderful Men... said...

I'll do a remodling party with you if you then come to my house and help me paint. Since you are so good at it.

More Than A Single Mom said...

DUDE! I just painted my new office "eggshell" yesterday on my day off. How come that wasn't in the lists of white? hmmmm?

More Than A Single Mom said...
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More Than A Single Mom said...

DUDE! I just painted my new office "eggshell" yesterday on my day off. How come that wasn't in the lists of white? hmmmm?