Friday, November 23, 2007

The busiest time of year =stress

Tis the season... turkey left overs are in the fridge, cookies have been baked and Christmas shopping has begun. I think the holidays are here. Who else is starting to feel the pressure fo the holidays? I can' t be the only one.

It was a hectic few days preparing for Thanksgiving(by my own fault), but it doesn't look like there is an end just yet. JC's birthday is coming fast, followed by Christmas , new year's, a to be planned bachelorette party and then finally, our Mexico /sister's wedding trip. Oh yeah, throw in lots of doctor's appointments and procedures in that mix too and I have a pretty busy 2 months planned out.

I am starting to stress.
It's too early to get stressed.
Must stop getting stressed, I can't stand to loose any more hair.

So that's my tentative stress inducing schedule for the holiday's. Exciting blogging huh? That' s all ya get. It's Friday y'all!


InTheFastLane said...

Wow! You do sound busy! I hope you have time to enjoy it all.

Bill said...

If you need help planning the bachelorette party just let me know and I'll lend my services to help lighten your load. I'm just saying, if you're looking to delegate anything i can help.

Teena said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

The mall was packed today! Agh!!!!