Thursday, November 15, 2007

Due to a lack of creativity, wit, or what have you, I can't think of a title. Let's just call in #363...

Well hello and welcome to my #363 blog post here at Crooked Eyebrow. I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday as well. For the first time in awhile, I must say that I'm digging my Thursday morning. (wink wink) (nudge nudge)

Besides having a great start this morning, I can't think of anything solid that I want or feel that I should share. So, on with some random thoughts of my week.

* I watched a leaf dance it's way down from a tree today and it made me smile and want to sit under those trees all day and watch. It was quite lovely.

* I filled out over 27 birthday invites for JC last night, I have writer's cramp. Who writes anymore? Seriously? Why didn't I type them up? Oh yeah, because he wanted the army tank invites and not boring paper.

* Did I mention that I invited 27 , yes 27 first graders to a birthday party. Am I nuts? Don't answer. The blow up obstacle course should be a hit. It better be...

* Have you noticed that i use these (...) a lot? I can't help it. The whole punctuation and grammar thing, yeah... I suppose I should use my semi colons and commas, but heck, it's my blog...

*I watched JC run into school all bundled up in his red coat and his back pack on and he reminded me of Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone. I hear that alot, "he looks like the home alone kid". I think he's cuter.

*I haven't purchased anything for Christmas yet, I 'm starting to stress out. I start out really looking forward to the holidays, then I become quickly discouraged by all the hoopla surrounding it. I just want to have a Christmas without worries, with good food and sit by a warm fire and be with all of my family. No holiday traffic, no rushing to get places,no shopping and all of the other troubles that usually follow.

*Our Mexico/sister's wedding trip is fast approaching and I haven't lost any more weight or toned up my "saddle bags". Dear people of the Internet, I have to get into a bathing suit in a few short months. Holy cow...I can see it now. Chubby pale girl with crooked eyebrows blinding everyone while they try to enjoy the swim up bars. Heck, I'll just drink with them and hopefully I won't remember even getting in a bathing suit.

* Not to focus on my weight, but I'm going to be the chubby bridesmaid. That sucks.

*I haven't heard any *good* music lately, I'm searching for some. Give me ideas. The radio is boring me. But I did pop in a CD today that reminds me of the time I was dating my husband. If only I could find a way to share it with you. To make you listen to what I always considered to be "our song". It's on Paul Oakenfold's Global underground 002: New York. First disc, song #2, called Rescue Me.

*I need a new pillow, stiff necks stink. I have beaten mine into submission and I think it's time to part ways.

* Speaking of bedding, I want new stuff. I actually have some really nice and expensive ones picked out from Amazon. (it's on my side bar). Oh, new sheets are lovely, aren't they?


* My brain stopped and now I'm at a loss of words, my time is up. But before you go, share something random with me... go ahead. You can tell me anything. You can tell me you love me (cuz I love you right back) or tell me your bread is old and moldy, that's cool too.
tell me what you are buying someone for Christmas. It just might give me ideas and help.

or wait, you can tell me your favorite holiday music/CD. (mine's Amy Grant's, more on that later)

So go on, share, tell me something. I really do want to know.


Bill said...

we did the mid-winter Dominican wedding vacation a few years back and I was the pale skinny guy swimming up to the pool bar downing Dominican rum like it was my job...which it was for the week. Go, have fun, to hell with what people think. 27 first graders? Jack had 15 kindergarteners at his and we thought that was unmanageable. Good luck. Favorite Christmas CD? Hmmm...Charlie Brown Christmas. Love that Vince Guaraldi trio.

This Mama's Trip said...

I have not bought anything for Christmas yet. I told my kids that they are only allowed to pick out one item they want for christmas. Is that mean? I mean come 9 year old son wants a Wii! It is $250 - and then you have to buy the games. My kids are spoiled anyway, they do not NEED anything. I think one gift from Santa/Mom & Dad is enough.


More Than A Single Mom said...

My socks aren't long enough today for the boots I am wearing and NOT only do they keep riding down and driving me nuts....but, the side of my fake leather boot keep sticking to my leg. It's all I can think about today. I can't wait to get off work and change them. 6 more hours....

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Sufjan Stevens' Songs For Christmas. You must have. And if you don't have it, then if you're ok with the whole piracy thing, I'll gladly make you a copy... shhh... and also I like Amy Grant's Christmas CD, too (Shh about that, too.)

This Christmas we are doing something a bit different and unique than in the past by forgoing some of the gift exchanging and doing a family outing or event instead, like the museum in Chicago with Jeff's family rather than buying everyone gifts. We'll all go spend the day together there and use the money we would have spent on gifts to just hang out all day together. It just makes more sense in our case because none of us really did anything that we would end up getting for Christmas...


Jen and an N said...

I went on a cruise this past April. Big mistake. The sun hadn't shined in over 5 months, I still had my winter coat (aka chub), and my body wasn't used to the humidity and heat. I looked like a pale greased pig.

Random thought: I know all the words to Born to Run and I can't get them out of my head.

my wonderful men... said...

Hey girl, Amy Grant Christmas CD is my favorite. Rhonda and I wore it out in the office last year.

My thoughts this morning getting dressed was o.k. what in the hell are you going to try and stuff yourself into today chubby? And what in the world will you pack for your FL trip at Thanksgiving?
Now panic is setting in at 6:30 this morning. I start to think I don't need this before work, just grab something squeeze into it. NOPE! that's to small try again chubby, this goes on for a few min.s with clothes flying and then........yes, something fits half way o.k., mind slows down to a somewhat normal pace. Then I tell myself either get on that machine over there or by some new clothes. F A T a small word, causing me B I G problems.

Stacie said...

Holiday CD shout out to Celine Dion. Love that CD and rocked my kids to sleep with that one MANY TIMES.

My 7 yr old is asking for an IPOD, but she will have to settle with a $35 mp3 player I found at Kohl's.

The three year old is my hard buy for this year. I have no ideas.

Peant Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I've got an ancient Christmas tape made from a record of Bing Crosby that I just love love love!

My husband gets so ticked off when people their writing, but fine and appropriate.

That sounds like my kind of morning!!

Mimi's Toes said...

I want to get Josh Grobin's Christmas him...Oh, I don't feel good today...need my teddy bear and bankie...ear hurts, post nasal drip....flushed, chills...I want my mommy!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

Mimi's toes- I hope you feel better soon!!

PbJ- I love bing Crosby too!

Stacie- I agree, Kohls mp3 player works just fine! I'm out of touch when it comes to 3 year old toys.

my wonderful men- i just know you will find the perfect outfits for FL. Have a great trip!

Jen and an N- I wish I could have you run for me...I now will think just like that, or try. "donut was born to run. See?

Steph- A family outing like that is perfect! What a great idea. See family time is so much more important.

More than a single mom- your comment made me laugh so hard, I feel your pain! Kinda like those days where your undies just don't play nice, hence, undies in a bunch....

This momma's trip- wii is expensive!! I know someone who only has santa give 3 gifts and what ever fits into their stocking. I always thought that sounded good.

Bill-i just hope that not all 27 come, because I agree, 15 kindergarteners are unmanageable.

Thanks everyone for sharing!

InTheFastLane said...

27 little ones! Yikes! Can my kids come too?

KT said...

Hello Mrs. Crooked Eyebrow, I am sharing this with you before I post about it on my own blog: My daughter Frances made the "dinosaur sound" today! I am beyond thrilled! Frances is 3 years old and started speech therapy 2 weeks ago, to fix some of her cute but confusing consonant sounds. She hasn't cooperated much with the speech therapist....She knows what the woman is trying to make her do, so she clams up. Tonight, finally, on her own, with no prompting from me, Frances made the dinosaur sound (a "kkkkk", like a cat coughing up a hairball). Several times. And she did it again for her dad when he came home. I am just about in tears over this, I can't even explain! She's been crying about it at preschool and getting so frustrated, "no one understands my words", and finally a breakthrough!

Thanks for letting me share! Katie

Sandra said...

After kt's comment about her daughter's breakthrough with the dinosaur sound, anything I will say will seem pretty petty. Such a nice story, kt.

Yes, Wii is expensive, but the entertainment value and the fact that it can get the whole family MOVING, I think, makes it worth it.

My favorite Christmas cd's are the ones by Elvis and Cathy Mattea, especially her version of "Mary Did You Know." Hers doesn't include any of the "normal" Christmas songs, but they are just lovely.

Ann(ie) said...

27 1st graders???? Girlie, are you insane? Alright, here's the plan. Immediately following the party call me and we'll down a margarita by phone.