Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Open note to my husband...

Dear Mr. Crooked Eyebrow,

Hi babe, I just got this in my email saying that Coach says it has free expedited shipping for last minute gifts! Just in case you needed to know. But, you do work near a store, so you could possibly swing buy there too. Just sayin'...

Oh the sweet luscious smell of Coach leather.

I'm really digging the red purses lately too. Oh, but if you find a brown or black, that will do too. Not to mention that my current Coach purse is too small and that I was hoping for a bag this time. Preferable a shoulder bag. You know, for stuff, and dear, I love you more than you will ever know.

oh yeah, I don't like the patchwork collection, don't even look over there. Yeah, not trying to be picky, but the collection, just doesn't work for me.


Your wife,
Mrs. Crooked Eyebrow

Come visit the Coach store near you and see what's new:
625 North Michigan Avenue


my wonderful men... said...

You are so funny, so much like someone I know when it comes to Coach. (Rhonda)

SJ said...

I hope he hears you and gets you your Coach! They are delightful.

Leanne said...

You go girl.

I got Coach for Mother's Day. But it took my twelve year old daughter to get hubby to the store....

Hmmm. Maybe I should send her with him Christmas shopping this weekend.

Teena said...

Very subtle hint :)