Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello? Can you see me?

Because, my pretty little girl header isn't showing up any longer since I changed to NO good. NO good batman. I miss seeing her up there. It makes me sad and I feel somewhat bloggy naked up in here.

That's a scary thought.

Speaking of thoughts. I have a few. Ok, not a few, A lot. My head is spinning in circles trying to think of what I have to do next and my thought process, as usual is a little random.

* First things first. It's in the water I tell you. The blogging baby boom that is going to hit will be amazing. First PBJ, then Beth and now it's MILK & HONEY!!!

I am beyond excited for all of them, but it's the first for MR and MRS MILK & HONEY. So, I give my love and prayers for a happy and *healthy* pregnancy for all of you.

* Speaking of a healthy pregnancy, Beth from I should be folding laundry needs all the positive vibes and prayers. Pregnant with twins+hypertension+headaches= hospital visit. She need lots of loving and of course, Cookie Crisp. I decided I should go buy a box and eat it all for her, in her honor of course.

*Mexico is in 4 days. I am not packed. shit. Did I say that? I mean crap.
* I have been tanning, but still feel like I'm pale.
* I don't have JC's things to keep him busy on the plane together yet either. I'm thinking Monday night will be a good time to get all that done by, right? yeah...
* JC was telling me that he went to the nurse's office (again) because he had an obnoxious belly. So I asked him, do you mean nauseous? He said, "yeah mom, my belly was amnauxious".
*This week has been the longest and worst week at work in a long time. I have dreaded every moment of it. Yes, that may be a bit dramatic, but dude, it sucked. While walking in Monday a co-worker jumped all over me about something so little and petty it set the tone for my whole week to be one gigantic, awful, hell on earth experience. I kid you not. I wanted to cry. Just thinking of it, makes me want to cry...moving on.
*I've been so busy I haven't been by to stop and comment at every one's place this week. I'm having withdraws. I did catch up on google reader though. No time+ vacation= no blogging love.
*Dishes. I envy all you people with dishwashers. I think my living room is a good place to grow glasses just in case you are wondering. Because they keep popping up everywhere, so I much me growing them.
*Where I go tanning, the lady who owns it constantly fights with her boyfriend/lover/baby-daddy and that's all I can hear when I'm soaking up skin cancer. It takes all the fun out of it.
*I am getting a pedicure tomorrow. Word. Because my dawgs are barking. Yes, I called my toenails dawgs. Woof.
*That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I all of a sudden started singing "I shot the sheriff". Always a song in my head...
*Last weekend was so much girl fun, that I wish I could do that every month. So, ladies of Northwest Indiana, when is the next bloggy meet up? February is looking really good...
*I looked at my husband last night and got this warm fuzzy feeling, then I realized that the mattress heating pad was turned up way to high.
*Also a note. If at any point in time you apply a heated mattress pad on your bed and it has duel controls, make sure you give the control for that side to the right person. Just saying. Sorry honey,I didn't mean to get you all heated up the other feet were cold.
*Do your kids talk in their sleep? JC does occassionally, it's funny at the time, but then I can never remember what he says the next day.
*I have no make up to take to Cancun since I started tanning. I haven't worn makeup in 3 days. People at work have asked me what's wrong with my face. Ouch. I look that bad? Seriously?
*Half hour to go until Freedom from work for over a week. WHoo-hoo!!!
*Did I mention I have a lot of packing and shoe searching to do? Well, I do.
*I'll share one secret with you, if you share one with me. I'll go first. I hate the smell of mint.
Just the thought of it is giving me a obnoxious belly. Yarg. Gag. Ok, what's yours?Tell me your secrets...come on, something good...


Adventures In Babywearing said...

February sounds great for a bloggy meet up! I'm in! And going to be jealous of you all warm next week when you leave us freezing here!


Mommy Instincts said...

You hate the smell of mint?

I LOVE it. It reminds me of Christmas. I don't know why.

Sarah said...

Spearmint gives me migraines. Some other kinds of mint oils do to. It is hard to explain to people why I can't accept the piece of gum they are trying to offer me.
I wish that I hadn't cut my hair off last year about this time. Everyone tells me that they like it then and now. Don't tell my hubby he really misses it.
I also hate the way my friend cuts my hair. I have to fix it every time she cuts it. I cut the back by feel. That is sad that I can cut it better without being able to see it all than she can being able to see it. I just don't have the heart to tell her.

SJ said...

I love mint. Anything mint to be exact. Hmmm, it's not a secret but I'll share just the same because I can't think of anything else. I can touch my nose with my tounge.

Don't stress out over your trip! It'll be fun! And my week this week was horrible too - what's up with that?

To Think is to Create said...

Oh what I wouldn't give for Mexico right now...the temp is probably going to hit ILLEGAL DEGREES this weekend.

I'm slightly offended that you hate mint, but I won't let it stop us from being bff's forever. Mint is like running through my veins, I love it so much. Mostly combined with chocolate...but still.

Don't worry about the co-worker, because their opinion matters somewhere around nil and nevah. Who cares what stupid people think of you? Not you, that's who.

P.S. thanks for your sweet comment today. you are way too kind.

my wonderful men... said...

Sorry to hear work was bad this past week. Sounds like you are in need of a vacation to Mexico. ha!

Just think things are crazy right now but soon you will be gone and R&R is waiting for you.

Ann(ie) said...

I love mint. I HATE the smell of garlic though. Makes me want to gag!!!!