Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Friday right?

This morning Mr. Crooked Eyebrow and I left JC with the grandparents and went on a boat and went snorkeling. It was beautiful I tell you. Beautiful. No pictures. Expensive camera and water no mix.

But I discovered on this trip that I love to snorkel.
when I do it far out in the ocean on a windy day, when waves are high and fast, I have also discovered that I get sea sick.

Me, in a life vest, snorkel gear and vomit no mix.

Fish are pretty no?

Time to drink another blue Hawaiian.


Carrington said...

Sounds like SO much fun....before the vomit of course

Mimi's Toes said...

You are just having way too much fun....It is snowing here tonight and my feet finally warmed up after 2 hours with my feet near the fireplace. Can't wait to see wedding photos...

Jessica said...

Hmmmmm... Maybe its the free inclusive alcohol and the water?????? Who cares! Did someone say FREE and alcohol in the same sentence????

SJ said...

Dude. Totally jealous. I love to snorkel.

Continue to have fun, okay!?

Teena said...

I've never gone snorkelling ... I get nervous being in the water when I'm in over my head. But I'm okay on a boat, though.

my wonderful men... said...

sounds like fun, sea sick not so much fun.