Sunday, February 03, 2008

For the love of the orange sticker.

Why is it when one shops, a clearance sticker on a product just makes the purchase, well seem worth it? I went shopping at Target to pick up a few things. Those few things soon began to multiply into a lot of things. Why? CLEARANCE. Oh the beloved orange sticker that can be found on items soon to be leaving the shelves. The brightly colored discounted price just seems to good to pass up. I could not walk away from items that were meant for stocking up on. See...

(I have to admit, there were more items that included these fun little stickers)

See? Doesn't it just seem better to buy things on clearance? It made feel like I was a smart shopper, a deal finder, a mommy saving her family money. What? How much did it really save me you ask?

It saved me a whopping $3.87

Yes, it didn't make much sense after I got home, but I was proud of my orange sticker finds. The same day I found Mr. Crookedeyebrow a hat at Kohls that was 90% off. Yes a Colombia boonie hat, normally $23, I got for under $3. Now, that's a find!


This Mama's Trip said...

I used to work at Target...the orange sticker is addicting! I would follow around the orange-sticker-putter-oner ladies to find out what was going on clearence. A dangerous habit indeed!


Mimi's Toes said...

Oh I love those orange stickers too. I can spend so much time looking at the clearance section.

my wonderful men... said...

Best way to shop.

SJ said...

Love orange stickers as well and really, a good deal is fantastic when you stumble upon them!