Friday, February 08, 2008

Searches that led people here...

I have been waiting forever to pull these out, searches that brought people to Crooked Eyebrow . Many other bloggers before me have done the same, but I can't help but laugh at what people are searching for. My number one hit is for "Do my eyebrows look crooked?". Then closely followed by "many shades of white paint". Which I have to agree, sucks. There are indeed too many choices. With that said, here are quite a few random samplings of my key word activity.

"describe a worst day at job"- I don't have enough time or energy

"fap'anis"- he he he

"eye brow cutter boots"- Interesting...

"different shades of white"

"eyebrow threading"- hurts like a son of a B*tch, but so worth it.

"how to pluck or wax your own eyebrows pictures"- did you see my contest I'm having!!

"pictures of almond white paint"-more paint fun...

"reunion what to wear"-Wow did that take me forever to figure out and the reunion sucked

"how to fix crooked eyebrows"- did I mention I'm having a contest for a guide?

"a half yard glass vegas"-finished mine in 30 minutes. Guarunteed buzz and brain freeze

"man eyebrow job"- Really? Doesn't seem so manly but better than a unibrow

"step by step peeing standing up for woman"- i'm at a loss for words, can you spare a square?

"life with no passion"-we'll hang in there together...

"dr. phil's life strategies" -couldn't finish it myself.

"big sister purse"- as long as you aren't wearing the man pants too.

"shades of white painting"-see lots of paint?

l"ists shades of white"

"eyebrow wax blog"- someone has a blog for that? Wow.

"painting different shade room"-more paint

"eyebrow shadow"- no feeling on this one

"petting cock"-so scandalous, I can't mention it on here. But hey, feel free.

"different shades of white paint"- need I say more?

"ho ho ho not anymore"-sounds like a Jerry springer show

"human behaviors in elevator studies"-quite interesting

"drew carey price is right"- No, Drew is not right on there, it's all wrong. Bring bob back!

"eyebrow looks"

"my eyebrows have a flick how do i make them good"- flick them back!

"eye brow photos"

"pictures of eyebrows for big eyes"

"shephard shuffle"-farmer ho-down?

'how to making lunches"- really, you needed to google that?

"i am the largest bridesmaid"- and I was too!

"tampon placement picture"-Wow am I hoping this was a girl searching

"happy birthday soldier"- Happy birthday indeed.

"eyebrows sticks free"-ouch, that sounds painful

"eyebrow pimple wax"-ouch, that sounds painful too.

"eyebrow anger"-i get frustrated,never angry, what gives?

"undies in a bunch meaning"- I shouldn't have to explain that one.

"short chubby girls jeans"-I'm still looking for some myself

"no i dont. i think my eyes look crooked"- neither do I, you look great.

"how to tell you've been bad, Santa"-???I'm lost. Any takers on this one?

"asshole joke"- I'd like to hear it...

"making fun of a eyebrow"-one rule, we never make fun of eyebrow up in here.

"what shade of white to paint my trim"- I had something very dirty to write, but I'll stop.

"you have found a magic lamp.what would be your 3 wishes?" no more white paint to start.

"santa cam 2007"- that was a good one, I hope he's still not watching.

"christmas vacation drinking game"- I think I'll throw a party for this one,sounds good.

"pokemom"- don't' poke your mom, she may not like it

"who played the counter woman in national lampoon christmas vacation"- I forgot but she was hot


Robin M. said...

Ha, ha, hee, hee... I literally laughed till I cried reading these!! Thanks for sharing the humor :)

SJ said...

I've always wanted to do this same exact thing, but my search strings are never exciting or even funny.

This had me laughing for sure!

Ann(ie) said...

These are hysterical!! I'm in for the drinking game!

Stacie said...

i so want to do this, but I don't know how. HOW do you know what they searched to find you?