Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How I know it's time to find a new doctor...

You know it's time to find a new doctor for your child's needs when you've seen the same provider for over 2 years and they still don't know the child's name. It may seem insignificant but it's still important.

Yes, this could be an easy thing for a doctor to do for sure, I understand that completely. A provider can have a busy office where they operate on a revolving door. You know the one right? You wait for an hour in the small cramped office with no magazines and only get the pleasure of seeing the doctor for two minutes. It's easy to forget a patient but when the doctor insists that your child is on a certain controlled medication by ways of looking at his last notes in the chart, when in fact he is not, you as a parent must wonder right?

This is where being informed as a parent can't be stressed enough. Tonight JC's doctor tried to write him a controlled medication for ADHD that he was not on. The doctor swore up and down that he was on 2 certain medications and made it seem as if I were wrong. Yes, he was in a way, suggesting I was wrong. Now, I'm a nurse and know what medication my child is on, believe me. Firmly I stated what dose, medication and how long he has been on it, then waited for the doctor's response. He looked down at his handy-over used script pad and it turns out he was writing the wrong name.

Yes, the doctor had the wrong chart. He had the chart of a 20 something year old. Could you imagine if a mother, parent or guardian had not been informed of their child's treatment plan and medication? That child would have been overdosed. (that's saying if the pharmacy wouldn't have caught it).

So, that's my preaching for now. Please be aware of yours, your child and your family member's health management. Be informed and be aware. Don't put all your faith in a doctor or any medical professional either. They are human and will make mistakes.

Alright ...
Just so I do mention there are many other reasons I dislike this certain medical provider. This was just the icing on the cake. Now I'm off to search my health insurance's web site for a new doctor!

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Sadie said...

OMG! I stopped at unneccessary testing...but that's BAD. I mean, look at the chart before you sit with the child!! It's a bit important in such matters!! Definitely time to switch. I hope you find a ped like mine...I wish a ped like mine on every frazzled mother in the world :)

Oh, and I haven't entered your tweezers contest because...well...shoot me now but I don't need them *giggle* The only thing I've every always loved about myself is that my eyebrows are...well...perfectly shaped...genetically. And I'm the type of person that doesn't win anything...unless it's something I really don't need *lol* But it's a great contest!! I wish the best of luck to all the contestants!!

SJ said...

Wow. Just wow. Sounds like you really DO need to find a new doctor! I'd be pissed off too!

To Think is to Create said...

Yikes, that's messed up. You'd think he'd PRETEND to know his name by looking at the chart. Ridiculous.

I feel too greedy entering the giveaway since I won the last one!

my wonderful men... said...

Good for you that you were watching, some doctors are just BEEEEEP BEEEP! Sorry.

Please don't even get me started on doctors, I can't tell you how many doctors I have FIRED! Yes, I have FIRED! doctors before because I have that right.

I'm going to end this comment right here so I don't take up all your comment space.

But again way to go Donut for being on top of things at the doctors with JC.

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Sarah said...

That is 12 kinds of wrong. I can't believe that he didn't even take the time to look at the chart. At least you have the choice to change doctors. I have switched drs for my kids like 4 times in the last 8 months since their dr left the practice to stay at home with her kids. How funny that I switched again today. I am hoping for the last time. .

Anonymous said...

I avoid doctors at all times. They come in handy for excuses for school, that's about it.

The only thing they've done for us that is positive is taking my son's tonsils out. The stupid doctor charged almost $300 to look at him for 2 minutes, then asked me if I wanted them to come out???

I remember when I was about JC's age and my mom took me to the ER, I asked the doctor if he got his medical license from a Cracker Jack Box.

Lynette said...

Unbelievable! That is so scary to imagine a Dr. being that busy to not even notice or confirm what patient he is dealing with. Huge red flag. Good for you to move on. I would have done the same exact thing.

Mimi's Toes said...

This just sickens me! You have to be aware and ask questions these days. You sure do have just cause to look for a new doctor. Why is it that most doctor's offices have magazines from 1985 still?