Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I believe my son just might hold the world record for saying "momma" the most times in one half hour.

First off, let me just say how much I love my son and how much I love being a mommy. He is a brilliant young boy and he surprises me daily with some tidbit of information.With that said, he has been the biggest motor mouth ever tonight. NON STOP. If I start to develop some nervous tick, complete with eye twitch and a sudden vow of silence, you now know why. JC just might hold the world record for saying "momma" the most times in one half hour. In fact, in the small amount of time it took him to brush his teeth, which I believe is 2 minutes, he said it 5 times. Yes, let me repeat it for you. He said "momma" 5 times in 2 minutes, that's just about once every 24 seconds!

It's just not just the constant calling out for me either, it's also off the wall questions as well. For example, just now he just asked me who the mayor of Indianapolis was. After putting his pj's on, he ran to me. "MOMMA,momma, does Indy have a mayor? If they do, who is it? Did Mitch Daniels vote him in? I think we should "ditch Mitch".

Where do I flipping start. He's 7 people. My seven year old is telling momma about his dislike of Indiana's current Governor. So I guess for some reason putting on PJ's inspires him to talk about current politics and state legislation. Do I dare ask him who he think should win the democratic presidential nomination?

Let's see...
MOMMA: If you had to pick between 2 democratic candidates, Obama and Clinton, who would you vote for?

JC: Well, who would make better decisions?

MOMMA: Let's say they both would make good decisions, who would you pick?

JC: Well, who voted better on the decisions?

MOMMA: So, you wouldn't just pick one based on them being male or female? You believe in equal rights then?

JC: NO, I don't care if they are a boy or a gurl. I would vote for the one made the safer decisions for everyone. But, I'm not old enough to vote....

See?Outside of talking non-stop, he blows my mind...

* In case you were wondering the Mayor of Indianapolis is Gregory Ballard


Autumn said...

There's a huge amount of adults that don't have that kind of logic!! We have a smart one on our hands!

chrissy said...

JC is one smart kid!!! As far as the "momma" does he continue to say it over and over if you don't answer him right away? Oh yes, I love it!! I have also changed my name several times, last minute, so as to have a moment of peace!! BTW, JC can have my ballot he has a good handle on what is going on!!

Stacie said...

THAT'S pretty good for a seven year old.

My 7 year old daughter is all about who she LOVES and we aren't talking candidates for president or any other offic.

gawilli said...

Fasten your seatbelt. This one is going to keep you on your toes!

i should be folding laundry said...

Wow, D, he's totally flippin' smart. I wish everyone made their political decisions based on his reasoning!

By the way, I can totally see you with a nervous tick and an eye twitch. It would look kinda cool with your eyebrows.