Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why I hate sharing

Just few reasons of why I hate sharing computers at work.

People do not wash their hands like they are supposed to. There is a doctor and the sink in his room is done dry at all times and the paper towels never move. I marked his sink with washable marker to see if it was being used. I'll have to check tomorrow.

Most nurses have to share computers. Which of course means I will have to touch the same keyboard that the lady with a cold for 2 months has been touching. Eww. Bleach wipes are my friends while at work.

Other people eat at their desk and it drives my nuts to come in after them and find crumbs on the keyboard. No thanks, I ate already, no need to save me some. A few weeks ago, it was chocolate. Nice and tacky...

Just today, when I grabbed the mouse to log on, there was a dried booger on the side. YES, I'm serious, a dried BOOGER.


Gosh do I hate sharing. Not only do I get to share germs, food and sticky-goo, I now have others sharing boogers with me.

I suppose I should be thankful that a co-worker didn't leave me a pube on the keyboard. That's a plus.


Teena said...

I don't share well ...

... especially when there is a dried booger on your mouse.


Queen Mother said...

Ewwww! The pube would definitely send me over the edge! would the booger.

my wonderful men... said...

Wow! I'm so glad we don't share our area with others.

SJ said...

Oh you poor thing....I hated sharing computers at my old workplace.

Bleach wipes are awesome - and so is lysol.

Autumn said...

BOOGER???? OMG.... suddenly happier to have my own PC. GUHROOOOOSS!