Monday, April 21, 2008

Almost at 500 posts and I have never formally introduced my dog. Introducing, Chester Bogart.

Meet Chester Bogart
This is what Chester looks like while perched upon his mommy.
He is a salt and pepper miniature schnauzer and he is almost 8 years old. Chester loves cool water, fresh dog food and craves puppy ice cream.
In the past he has been known to play soccer with the family and he finds great pleasure in stealing the baseball to play keep away from us. Currently his favorite toys are his "ribbit ribbit" and his "squirrel".
If one was ever looking for Chester in the house he could be found in a few places. One place being on his bed full of toys. Or possibly even under mom's foot, which does seem to happen quite often . Not to be outdone by placing his chin on the couch begging to sit by his gorgeous mommy. Finally, the last place he can be found is perched on top of his mommy as in the photographic evidence above.
Chester is a dog of many talents. He can sing when bribed with a cookie. Occasionally you can see him frog-doggin' in a sunbeam, (which makes his family take notice every time). When faced with the possibility of getting a cookie, he will stand, sit and hop. Quite impressive.
A story about Chester...
One day his beautiful, caring and loving mommy came home to find Chester cowarding around. Mom was all "what's up with Chester?". Then as mom was giving a neighbor a tour of her home, she found a big pile of dog crap on her new rug. The cause? Chester the garbage hound ate an entire stick of butter. Yes. I forgot to mention that so called talent. Chester can get into any garbage AND eat butter. Chester, Chester, the butter eating dog. Mom shrieked with all her might that day and for a few days after he was no longer "mom's dog".
So this is Chester
The Crooked Eyebrow Family Dog


SJ said...

Chester's cute! :)

chrissy said...

Chester is adorable! My family bred mini schnauzers for years! I loved mine!! BTW I love your hair so cute and attractive! A great summer style!

Mary Beth said...

I love the Chester...having your own dog makes you appreciate everybody elses a little shallow as that sounds...sorry! Congrats-your are #41 on Top Momma's Hall of Fame! Bitchin' haircut by the wall.

Mary Beth said...

Ok, I'm tired. I meant by the way, not wall, although I love your wall, too...yep, now I drive home 70 miles at midnight. Scary thought isn't it? watch out you indy northsiders!!! xoxo

Mimi's Toes said...

Chester is adorable. That butter story is so funny. My little Penny & Hank dogs would love to meet him. We should have a bloggy doggy meet up some day in the park.

Stacie said...

*snicker* he is too cute!

Ann(ie) said...

Chester, you are too cute!!!

Teena said...

What a cutie!