Friday, April 18, 2008

*Tap *Tap * Is this thing on?

Well after a week away, it's hard to figure out what to say, so I'll say thank you for all your kind thoughts and comments. Last week I was tired, moody, upset, moody, depressed, unhappy, hurt and the list goes on. I suppose you get the idea, I'll spare the details. A week of quiet time and self-reflection was needed indeed. The added bonus was extra time I found that I had and the house cleaning that has gotten done alone makes me feel fabulous. Who knew a clean tub and floors could make a woman's day? If only the dishes would wash themselves...

After a week of not blogging and basically not talking to anyone, to say that there are a few wandering thoughts would be an understatement.

*When walking in a wide walkway or hallway, like in the mall or hospital, which side do you walk down? I walk on the right, just like driving a car. Am I missing some rule of walking in public? Really, as of lately as I walk down hallways minding my own side, it seems that there is an increasing number of people walking the opposite coming straight at me. Which in turn creates the akward "excuse me", fake laughs and invasion of personal space for all parties invloved. Don't even get me started on those people who walk up the middle.

*I am proud of my self for keeping my home semi-clean this week. It was a tiring effort, but it worked. As I have confessed before, I clean when I have too much on my mind. I scrubbed tubs and toilets twice, 5 billion dishes were washsed, laundry was washed and floors were mopped. Working full time, keeping a house, cooking dinner and maintaing sanity is a bit overwhelming some days.

*My hair appointment is tomorrow @ 9 am. Pending thought for the moment is cutting all my long hair off and going with a sleek, short to long bob to not match my very large chubby face. Then I remember that I like to have my hair pulled up and I may get very emotional if I do part ways with the hair I have been growing for over 2 years now.

Do I cut, oh hell it will grow back! or Trim, keep it growin'...

*Another beauty topic. Moisturizer. has or does oil of olay burn your face? Seriously, I have had a slight wind burn look for the last few days after using their moisturizer. My face looks horrible, red and left me unable to wear makeup. I'm not looking so good these days.

* I just ate a kit kat blizzard at lunch.This was after I mentally go tdone bitching at myself for being fat. I curbed my sadness with ice cream. Can you spot a problem? yeah. thought so.

*For the last 2 days at work my manager has been pushing me to go back to school. I just got stopped in the hallway. They are wanting me to get my bachelor's of nursing. Quite honestly, I want it more than anything, but I don't think me working and going to school would be great for my family. It scares me. I feel that I wouldn't be giving JC all the time he needs and that my mending marriage would suffer greatly. So, I sit and wonder. At what cost is more education really worth it.

*Going back to the hair, because it's that important, I secretly wish I could go bold and dramatic with my hair color. But then reality slaps me in the face and I realize that I always wait too long to get touch ups and in reality I'm not a very bold person to pull of a great haircut. Still, one day I'll get there.

*Still waiting for baby news from PB&J Boats. Baby girl coming soon.

* I just read that Molly from lost a sock is having a girl too!

*Last night I consumed 66 oz of peach margaritas. I was feeling good and it was a great way to end the horrible day some people call Thursday. Yes, for some reason Thursdays come at me hard bent over without the lube. Yes, it's that painful. Yes I just typed that. I'm serious about how badly Thursdays suck.

*Moving on, I can't I kinda stuck for this one. How does one quickly change topics past the mention of lube? Look over there--->

*This past week was spent playing basketball, football and baseball with JC. Knowing JC you would realized that all that took place in under half an hour.

*I want a hug. A big long, lovey-dovey squeeze hug. Bear hug if you may. Yeah, I like hugs.

*Keeping on the touchy love vibe, Do married people still make out? Really? Are there married couples that still do? I strongly feel that the make out sessions are under utilized. Just sayin'. There was nothing better than full blown make out sessions when you first start dating. Am I wrong? Really,is it warm in here? whew.

*While out at dinner last night, older co-workers were talking about having the "talk" with their children and what ages they had them. Wow. It fell into 3 groups. First group just never went there with their kids leaving them to fend for themselves and rely on the school's health class. Second group had the talk very early on, fully preparing them on this little fact of life. The last group who had teenagers, where fully ignorant that their children would do such things. Really? A mother of 15 year old boy fully believed that her son was clueless to blossoming girls, erections and the missing baby oil. Really. They did not believe it was time for the talk. wow. SO long thought shortened. When is a good time to talk, how are you gonna handle it? Or how did you handle it? Are boys easier?

* I did not take any pictures this week. Kinda wish I'd had.

*Hmm. I had a lot more random thoughts, but they will have to wait for another day I suppose.


Stacie said...

WELCOME BACK you were missed, but I am glad it gave to some time away that you needed!

I have different hair-dos a few times a's fun and always grows back.

I hope that I am not too clueless as to WHEN to talk to my kids. My 7 year old DID have an AIDS talk at school this year...but it was totally age appropriate and didn't touch on the sex part of the spreading...ANYWAY...yeah, um, I don't know what age is good... but I expect it will sooner rather than later.

I don't know which will be easier the boy or the girl...yikes on both talks.

ok, I will end with a big huge DROOL over your blizzard...yum.

Hope you have a good weekend!

chrissy said...

Boys are not easier than girls, just different! I follow their lead and answer questions and give more information than they want when I think it is necessary and other times a quick short to the point answer is necessary!
You have a ton going on in your head!
Glad your back and also that you enjoyed your week. Hoping you figure everything out!

Tygogal said...
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Mary Beth said...

I'm sending you the biggest bear hug ever with that extra long squeeze at the end and maybe even a nice little back pat too. You need to call me! Don't you dare cut your hair...I love it and you'll miss it, I know you! I miss you and love you mi hermana!


Teena said...

I'm glad to see you're back!

Sadie said...

I'm so glad to see you back!!

I have no advice on the hair...I just know that every time I cut off hair that I painstakingly grew I regret it. But that's me ;)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I'm still waiting on PB&J Boats too!! A clean bathroom can do WONDERS for my mood. Glad to have you back girl!

Lost A Sock said...

So glad to see you back!!

I have to say on the hair thing, I go through mad phases with mine, of growing, growing, growing, and then WHACK! It doesn't make much sense, and I wish I could just decide on something already.

I also started using moisturizer after your getting older post a while back, and my Aveeno makes my cheeks red. They calm down after an hour and a pound of foundation, but still. I, too, wonder if that is supposed to happen.

I have no idea about "the talk." My oldest is five. Somebody pass me a parenting manual.

Ann(ie) said...

Working full time, keeping a house, cooking dinner and maintaing sanity is a bit overwhelming some days.

TOTALLY! I'm impressed you clean when you're feeling that way. I usually am in the fetal position on the couch with some comfort food. AND that kit kat blizzard???? oh my. Must.try.

I am a self interalizer, too. Sometimes we need that time to get back in the groove of life.

I feel about Monday's how you feel about Thursday. :(

Happy weekend, girlie.


Anonymous said...

I miss making out with my hubby (we've been married for 12 yrs and together for 15). I finally told him and asked if he missed it. He said he did, but guess what? It didn't change a thing. (sigh)