Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 things, part III and part IV

This post is a continuance of a challenge to name 10 things I love about my life...

Part III

A mother's love is something to be treasured...

Since creating my own family, I have more of an appreciation for my own mother. Through the years she has also become my friend. The third thing I love about my life is the relationship I have with my mother.

Of course while I was a teen we butted heads for a brief period, but after that I got my head straight. Once you tell your mom to “kiss your butt and roll over”, one might tend to stay on her good side after the fierce groundings...

Sorry mom, my head was up my ass.

Honestly, I wasn't your typical high school kid. I worked full time my senior year, paid for my own gas, clothes, insurance and even bought groceries. No need for a curfew because I was in by 9 pm and in bed by 10pm. I didn't drink, I smoked (but hid it) and my grades never suffered. Boring huh? I tried not to give my mom a hard time. I respected her and for that I believe she gave me the respect a budding adult needed.

So besides being a nurturer, provider or a giver, she was my friend. Without having an older sister to go to or another woman in my life, I went to my mom. First period? Had to ask. First request for birth control? Had to ask for help. Boy trouble? Had to cry to my mommy. She has always been there, as my mother and friend.

As my sister and I grew older, we saw this insanely fun side pop out of her. Her eyes sparkled, she smiled more, she laughed more. Whether it was meeting and marrying her now husband or the fact that she was now truly able to enjoy her girls, I'm not quite sure but I love it.

Girls' night out? She's on the dance floor tearing it up. My mom, my friend. She's a doer, a go getter, a get it done type of lady. She's emotional, a crier, a bite her tongue when she's angry type of woman. A spit fire personality for sure, like her mom and I only hope it runs in the family.

My wish is that JC finds me, his mother, to be his friend now , but even more so when he gets older.

My sister MB and my Mother

Part IV

I couldn't ever dare to wonder what life would be like having to grow up without a sibling. A partner in crime, someone to play with and fight with. Someone to stick up for and to stick up for you.

Having a sister, my sister MB, is the forth thing I love about my life.

After sharing a room since she was born, there comes a bond, a bond that sticks forever. Good times, with late night chattering(mom screaming “girls go to bed”) and bad times of cat fighting and name calling. Kicking each other for snoring, or calling each other a “bitch” just for looking at each other the wrong way in the morning. But the one thing I had the biggest problem with when I moved out was the separation from her. I couldn't sleep with out her there, I missed seeing her funked up bed head ( because I woke up and looked perfect at all times you know) and our late night talks. After 18 years of sharing a room, toys, clothes, secrets and laughs it felt like it was all over. I hated it.

Now almost 9 years later, we've adjusted and moved on, but I still miss it (I know she does too). 3 hours away she has started her own family and I couldn't be happier for her. Each and every day I look back on how having a sister changed my life for the better.

I still look back on all the summers we played barbies, watched hairspray and grease till we wore out the tapes memorizing all the dances and roller skating in the basement. WE had each other.

Now as we have our own families, I look forward to sharing all of our stories to my niece or nephew(s) (because she will have lots of babies for me to love and spoil since my ovaries don't cooperate...)

MB, you crazy sister, I love you.

We are both the women we are today because of Mom and each other. I think we did good, I think we did real good.

You are beautiful, smart and loving soul.

I can't wait till you are a mommy too.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

So very sweet!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh gosh- this was great and that picture is gorgeous!


Megan (FriedOkra) said...


my wonderful men... said...

Reminds me of growing up with my two sisters.
Great post!
Love the picture of your mom and sis, they look so beautiful!
Have a great weekend!

Stacie said...

how lovely.

Carrington said...

so wonderful! You are such a great writer.

SJ said...


What a great post about your Mom and your sister. Absolutely beautiful.

Mary Beth said...

Ditto...mi hermana...ditto. We are a pair of kick ass chicks with a super mommy and I love our life because of it. You just made my day thinking about sharing a room and roller skating (can we still do that somewhere?) I would have a dozen babies for you to spoil if I had the million dollars to go with it! Someday you will be Auntie D...and you'll kick auntie ass! I love you so much I want to hop in the car right now just to give you a nasty and snotty kiss! I hate being sick! Give the boys hugs for me and tell JC I want to sing back up for "Dirty Butt's Band"!


Ann(ie) said...

OKAY my friend you're making me cry!!! That is so saweeeeet. I always wanted a sister, but only got a crazy step-sister. Your mom is gorgeous and her eyes smile. She just looks like she's a ton of fun!!!! xo.

iheartchocolate said...

totally beautiful pic. I am so desperately jealous of you for your sister. I only had two older, stupider brothers. I always wanted a sister. I am so happy I gave my daughter a sister, and a brother and a step-s. I know her life will be richer because of it, as will theirs.