Friday, May 16, 2008

Sad excuse for a post, random crap extracted from the crooked mind.

* I cried for hours and hours yesterday. So hard I literally made myself sick and then went back to work as usual. When I cry, my face stays red for hours.

A woman who was friends with my grandma was going on and on about how much she misses her. She left me in tears because I do miss her so very much. I ignore the fact on how much I do, because I don't want to cry. My sister and Mr. Crooked Eyebrow would agree, she was a fabulous and spunky soul. When she walked into a room, she threw her hands up and would say, "the party can start, I'm here" and waddle her way to a chair. I love Grandma.

*This week I overheard someone say "these chips o'hoy cookies used to be bigger. Now they are the size of a nipple". Nipple cookies, ha.

*Embarrassing moment yesterday. I was told by a patient that I had a "wardrobe malfunction". He then proceed to point to his penis. (Yes, I was shocked too) Then I realized he meant the crotch of my scrub pants. The seam split leaving a 1/4 inch hole. Good thing I was wearing undies, I would have pulled a Britney. There wasn't a hole deep enough or a rock large enough to hide my embarrassment.

* I currently have 12,948,531 pimples on my lower jaw alone. Up your proactive, up yours.

*My lap is very warm right now, not good for my laptop. Should I name my laptop? Do you name your puters? I have a Dell Vostro 1000, black, nothing fancy, what should I name it?

*I am in need of a new purse. Badly. My birthday is coming up and I need a summery fun one, possibly in a tote/bag style. A new black one could be useful too. Share with me your favorite purses. Here is mine, but it is way too small. A red one would be nice...

*Lets say you have 5 hours to yourself, with out kids and family, what do you do? Me? I'm blogging. I should be out, in fact I am going out. Maybe some new photos can be captured.

*I haven't taken any photos for weeks, I miss it.(Just back, I took over 200 photos) great day out!

So have a great weekend. CE out~


my wonderful men... said...

It's o.k. I think to cry about your Gram. I do it too when I talk or think about mine and she has been gone for many years now.
It just shows how much you really cared for her and still care.

You had me laughing about the story with the old man and your scrub pants.


iheartchocolate said...

I am sorry you were missing her too. At the very least, at least she was wonderful and will live in your heart and memories forever. (mine are NOT close to us, at all) I don't know why, we are great kids.

My face stays red too, for hours and I wake up with puffy eyes too, even if I cried in the morning.

What's wrong with your crotch?

I love Marshalls for purses, cheap and great. I got a black one from a purse party I didn't attend. A fam meber picked it out for me, it is too small, but has cook pink flowers on it. I need a bigger one, some day.

I don't have a name for mine, I don't know what my husband would think of me if I was calling my puter something other than, "hand me that thing, would ya?"

Happy weekend.

Mimi's Toes said...

I hope when I am gone, people will cry about missing me too. She sounds like she was a very special person and the life of the party!
Now, to the scrubs....Girl, I am sitting at my desk eating my lunch and almost had to have Amy do the Heimlick (sp?) on me, I was laughing so are my personal blogging comedian....and I love you for it!
So, to the purse thang...Girl, I need me a new summer Coach so bad...I am still carrying my special bucket Coach from Christmas 2006....I still Love Love it though. I'm hoping to come across a good garage sale with someone selling Coach purses...So, it is 21 hours away from my sister flying in and we will be picking her up at O'hare!!! I am so excited I can't think straight....I wonder why they say straight instead of crooked? I am slap silly right now....Have a Fabulous Friday night and weekend....

Stacie said...

HUGS. I hate crying but sometimes I *DO* feel better after I have let it all out.

I do not name anything that is not breathing...

I am so in the mood for new shoes and purse, but nothing has caught my eye...bummer.

Stacie said...

oh and "nipple cookie" ha. Sure makes me NOT want a cookie though!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

If you dare, head to Piperlime for a new purse. Fun. And they'll dry all your tears.


Mary Beth said...

I miss her too, she kicked so much grandma ass! I miss the waddle...
the smile that was so big it made her eyes squint...the way she would hum "la da da dee ti ta da" or what ever her little ditty was and sway from side to side like she was doing an odd version of the waltz...I miss hearing about her Friday hair appts and how the darn girl just never gets it right...chatting about the latest supper at the legion...hearing how the Avon lady keeps coming back...I miss her soft powdery skin...catching her sneaking "just a little bit" of butter pecan ice cream...having to inspect her swollen ankles (which were by no means caused by any salt intake whatsoever-it's just a mystery how it happens)!...she's the only person I ever knew who could read a dozen different romance novels (one per room) in a day...I even miss the ass pinches and the butt pats telling me I need to "watch that because it'll catch up with you"!! Yep, I miss our Grammy too much so I'm feelin' you today my dear. My heart hurts...I want to be near her again.


Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

I love your random thoughts! So sorry about your grandmother. Nipple cookies! That is funny!

Thanks for stopping by to see my new design. I actually got the idea to do the grey colored background from your design because most customs I saw had the white background, and I really admired yours even before Christy started the design! Have a happy weekend!

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry said...

Dear CE,

I'm sorry you had a rough day yesterday. I hope you do not see many of those.

Your Grandma sounds awesome. I love that MB said she kicked grandma ass.

Name your computer vossy.

And I can't wait to see your pictures.

RubiaLala said...

I'm sorry you cried so much. It's good to get emotions out.

Coach is my favorite purse brand. These are my favs right now (I don't have either, *sniff*).

dcrmom said...

Love that Coach. Here is the one I'm coveting.|%20Retro%20Scribble%20Stem%20Classic%20Shoulder%20Bag%20|%20Colour:%20Green

dcrmom said...

Oooh, I like the Madeline that rubialala posted. Must. Walk. Away.

I have such a purse obsession.

Amy said...

My favorite purses are Vera Bradley's. Favorite pattern right now is the Raspberry Fizz (I think that is the name). It is red and pink floral print.

Hope you had a great day out taking pics. I'm off to the soccer fields...

lissa said...

I like your randomness, sometimes makes me laugh, I love reading them

SJ said...

I'm always looking for a good purse! I hope you find one that you love...

I too get red and blotchy when I cry, it's very hard to hide.

Sorry to hear that you miss your grandma so much. So sorry.

I can't wait to see your photos!

mamasnest said...

Sorry about your Gram. Feel the same way about my Daddy. One area where a good soul shaking cry is ok, and oh so necessary. My face gets blotchy and my eyes look they're going to explode after I cry... not pretty.

My mom used by by these mini muffins that looked like smooshy nipples. I could never eat them ;)

You should definitely name your computer. My laptop is named Shit for Brains Jr. and my new dell PC is Suzie (because that's just what popped outta my mouth when my husband asked, whatcha wanna name this thing?! ok, so he really doesn't sound like that)

Happy almost birthday!