Thursday, June 05, 2008

Let's see, a title is needed...Screw it. It's random thoughts day y'all.

*I am officially 29 and had the pleasure of celebrating with some close friends. These ladies made my birthday so very special and I could never choose the right words to express my gratitude. All I can possibly say is "Thank you for being you and making my life all the more joyful".

*Sex in the City... Did you see it? Part of the above birthday celebration was our trip to the local movie theatre after dinner to catch this sassy flick. We all sat there, together as women, as friends while we laughed, giggled and for some*ahem* cried. (OK, I couldn't contain the emotional roller coaster)Personally I loved the movie.

*My weight went up again. Officially my highest, even while pregnant. That should be motivation, but it's not. I've looked deep down in my soul for motivation, it ain't there.(yet)

*Thanks to Be*design, (Beth and Christy) My blog is beautiful. I love it, it's me. Twisted, curvy, crooked...I Love it!

*Why is it that shoe stores typically do not carry women's sizes 11 and 11 1/2 ? Why? My feet deserve adorable summer accessories as well right? See, I know I can order online. I know most places have free shipping, but I want instant gratification. For me, I have to try them on and just the thought of going to the post office to send them back annoys me. See my dilemma? Crooked needs shoes or a foot reduction.

*Speaking of shoes, during our movie night out, Milk & Honey got a photo of us getting ready to go walk out in the rain, pants rolled up and with some great shoes. See...

I promise Milk & Honey was there and had great shoes too. I love Milk& Honey and Steph's love of celery.

* Lately I have been trying to complete my "10 things I love about my life challenge" but I've been stumped. Actually I have 2 things to write about, but each time I have attempted to empty my thoughts onto the keyboard I go blank. At first when I accepted this challenge, listing 10 things seemed very, well overwhelming. Just the fact that I got past 4 makes me happy.

So tables are turning today. If you are a daily reader, a lurker , a bloglines reader, stop and pause for one simple moment in your day and think of 2 things you love about your life and tell me about one of them. That would make my day knowing about other's loves. Go ahead....

*Arianne from to think is to create is seeing GREEN, about vaccines that is and she is louder than words in our nation's capital. This amazing mother, wife, blogger,writer, autism activist is someone to be reckoned with. I, along with many friends, family and bloggers are all so very proud of her. Go stop by and read, look and be moved by all her hard work for Autism.

Arianne, you rock sista, you rock.

*Anyone else love Costco? I do, I love going. Even more so when I can get the yummy ice cream there. I think a trip is needed tonight...

* Why is it that my salad at Quizno's didn't really have any "salad" in it? A few fork fulls of lettuce and that's it. So, I filled up on a cookie along with it. Bitchin'

*How come after I manage to actually shave in the morning, by noon it feels like I haven't shaved in weeks? Really. Quite upsetting. I do have to apologize for talking about shaving so much as well. I suppose I just surprise myself when I actually do shave that I feel I must share. Isn't Mr. Crookedeyebrow lucky?

*If you had $200 to spend on yourself, how would you spend it? I'm at a loss. I feel guilty for not paying off a bill or buy something for the house. I have lots and lots of wants, but no real need.

*I have an appointment with my rent a friend today. I've been waiting for over a month to get back in to see her. Unfortunately I haven't been in about 10 months so I will spend the majority of my time tonight "bringing her up to speed" on all the events that have taken place. Basically things fall into two categories, things that piss me off or make me happy. More so the first one. Which in turn will be like pouring salt in a wound, just in time for the buzzer to go off and being sent out the door with out getting to bandage the wound up. Emotional hell. (Kleenex is a must)

*Hello? have we had enough rain already? I think even the farmers are like "enough already".

* My sister is married to a farmer, I should ask them....

* In the shower today I pondered all the ways I could quit my job and still make money to stay home with JC, not one idea came to mind on money making but ssssooooo many ideas of how to quit. Figures.


* Well as you can see, I'm drawing more blanks. Enjoy your day and don't forget to tell me about your one thing that you love about *your* life. Anything. Even if it's how well you mop floors and in that case you should come to my house.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I know this may sound weird, but something I love about my life is breathing. Like, stopping, taking a deep breath or two, and really taking it in, whatever "it" is. Just the fact that I'm alive and things around me are alive and holy cow it's kinda freaky if you think about it.

I also love second chances. And thirds and fourths and so on. I hate when things are final. In my mind, nothing is ever final. There is always room for something.


dcrmom said...

Love the new blog design.

Loved SaTC.

If I had $200 I'd run out and buy the $179 jeans I tried on at Nordstrom yesterday.

As far as shaving, my leg hair has been growing at a snail's pace. No clue why. Weird!

Thats all. :0)

imadramamama said...

I love that my kids are at the age when I can do stuff with them instead of for them.

I love the tiger lilies outside my living room window.

If I had $200 to spend...gosh, I don't know. I'm not a spender. I would maybe redo a room in my house and see how thrifty I could be with it.

Mel said...

I love your ramblings! Is your b-day today? Mine is today so I thought it was cool we had the same b-day. I am a year older though as this year was my 3-0. As far as spending $200 I would definitely do some new clothes and maybe a new purse...forget the bills, they will always be there next month!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

The one thing I am particularly loving these days is that time between when we put Bean to bed and when we go to bed. Because it's nice to just have some quiet time together, maybe doing our own separate things, but communing with one another in the peaceful evening hours. That's one thing I love. Besides the obvious, of course.

To Think is to Create said...

You are so sweet, I am humbled by so many people being "proud" of me. An unexpected treat to me right now, for sure.

I love storms, for the typically clean out all the junk and make everything seem fresh and new. In nature and in life.

Then there's the combo of chocolate and peanut butter. Need I say more?

Lost A Sock said...

So glad you had a good birthday. You guys look like hot mamas up there. ;o)

milk&honey said...

I love popsicles. And crookedeyebrows.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

One of the things (of the many) that I LOVE about my life (now) is my granddaughter. I know that as a young mom everyone is CONSUMED with love and wonder with thier kids. Hey, um,'s gets totally better. Honest! Kids with less of the worry.
If I had $200 I would put it towards the camera that I'm saving for, the one like Beth's. Nikon something or other.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

And what's your take on Autism vs vaccines?

Sarah said...

Sorry, but I don't do floors. Hubby does in this house. Don't dust either (see my post yesterday for why). But apparently I'm a dishes queen...or I'm expected to be since they are piled high and hubs hasn't touched a one.

iheartchocolate said...

I love a few things. Well, more than a few. I certainly hate more..but you didn't ask about those things so...

My husband. I am thankful and love him because he is gorgeous to look at, sensitve, and is an amazing father. (among other things, wink wink)

I love to be able to stay home with my kids. Technically, I am working (keeping kids at home-you should post an ad and see what happens) Also technically, I should be out there working-since we can't afford for me to stay home...but we can't afford for me not to either. So, I am thankful and happy to watch my babies grow every day.

Glad you had a nice birthday. I loved that movie too. (I cried too, but don't tell anyone)

Carrington said...

I love Target, even if I don't buy anything, I love just walking around, especially if I know I have a lot of time... thats the best.

Oh, and I also love a "pull-through" parking spot, so you can just drive right out instead of backing out? That is a special treat!

I love these random posts by you, your great at being random ha!

Tiffany said...

I love spending time anywhere my family is.
I love laughter.
I love rich, make your tummy upset gooey chocolate, preferably eaten by the spoonful.
I love reading your blog.
If I had 200 dollars, i'm such a tightwad now i'd find a way to invest it, but a year ago I would of blown it on something frivolous!

Stacie said...

2 things that make me happy?

blogging...readin and writin them.

there, 2 things ;)

happy belated birthday, i loved satc too, it was emotional...loved it.

Mimi's Toes said...

Two things I love....let's see....Well I just ate a peanut buster parfait from D.Q., my first D.Q. in a long long time....but I think I love my family over that....and Coach purses...and freshly pedicures, Fried Green Tomatoes dipped in ranch dressing....Jerk Jamaican grilled chicken sandwich at Red Robin's with the bottomless french fries....Am I rambling???

my wonderful men... said...

yum! Rhonda's comment is making me hungry.

two things I love - spending time with my family and going away for mini vacations.

if I had 200.00 I would want to spend it on myself but when I got to the store I would see something for either my son or hubby and think oh, that's nice and get it instead.


Ann(ie) said...

You all look adorable, girlie. I'm so glad you had a night out with your fabulous girlfriends to celebrate your special day!!

What I love about my life:
My family
My flat iron
My Haagen Daaz
My friends


Frances said...

I love Cheeseburgers (Even Jimmy Buffet loves those and he can't be wrong.) I love my husband, my job, the smell of vanilla, and a child's laughter. That's just the tip of the iceburg, but I can't just pick 2 things!

Lisa said...

I love:

My separate checking account...not the one I share with my husband.

Sneaking in a mid-day nap with my 4-year-old.

All of my strange animals, especially the nearly featherless bird we acquired a couple of months ago.

If I had $200, I'd put it toward that nifty Nikon I'm saving for.