Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random, fo' sure

This week has been one cloudy, cold medicine induced mess. Coherent thoughts and blogging weren't going to mix well, so instead I will give y'all a bit of Randomness a la Crooked Eyebrow with a cherry on top. (makes me think of ice cream, coldstone for lunch!)

*I kid, I kid, no ice cream for lunch. Why? Where to start... I met with a dietitian last week during my appointment in Chicago and I have to be good. Like, really good.

*So what if I did have like 4 ice cream sandwich's at home this past week...they helped my sore throat. Yeah, that's right.

*Is it really the middle of June already? Next thing I know I'll be getting JC's school supplies for second grade.

* Blogher is coming up, I still wish I could go to the party(I mean conference). I'll have to live vicariously through Steph and Arianne. Those punks are going.

*I saw a grown woman driving and Hello Kitty threw up all over her car. I was a little shocked and disturbed by this. 40 years old and hello kitty plates, mirror hanging thingy, car seat covers, antenna thingy. Well, you know, lots of thingys of the Hello Kitty variety. ew. Fifth grader sure, 40 year old, no.

*I was being tail gated the other morning and for one moment I wanted to slam on my breaks and brace for impact. Sure I love my car, but that guy was to close to my a*s without even buying me a drink. Sheesh.

*In the past month I have been asked a few times if I have ever considered bariatric surgery. One was by a medical professional. Um. I didn't know I was that bad off? Really? Lap-band? I know I put on weight, but seriously? me?

*Since being told to watch my diet and bump up my exercise I have managed to eat smaller and not eat out at lunch like usual. It sucks. I like quiznos way too much. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

*I often thought I was afraid of failure, but it was pointed out by people that in fact I'm actually afraid of success. For once in my life I think I agree.

*Last night I got a bug to prime the drywall that has been done since October, I managed to finish it, but got primer everywhere. Good intentions babe, good intentions.

*This year I am looking forward to the Fourth of July. My cousin who is serving in Iraq right now will be home on break (lots of consumption of beverages will be done). Then another cousin from Arizona will be in town. (more consumption of beverages will have to be done) Sweet.

*My fence should be done today. Peaceful backyard coming soon. Landscaping tips needed. Wait? what's that? You want to come over and plant live things for me? Yes, you may. I shall feed you and supply cool beverage. Mr. Crookedeyebrow would even breakout his famed Webber grill for you too. I promise. Planting party at Crooked's? If rain, you may paint my kitchen for me. Ok? wonderful. I'm glad we had this chat. See you next weekend.

*What's you favorite plant you have in your yard/ house? All I have are hostas really. I need suggestions.

*Look at that, lunch time already, my slim fast is calling. (yum) Yack.


imadramamama said...

I actually love hostas, they're so easy to care for.

One side of my house is done in tiger lilys. I dig the bright orange.

Mimi's Toes said...

I love your random are so entertaining. Slim Fast is YUK! I did a no no today and indulged in McD's instead of the boring frozen Smart One meal...I even have reg. pop instead of the diet. Sometimes it feels good to splurge. I need to try a Quizno since you rave about them.

Mimi's Toes said...

P.S. I love hostas too. I am not much on landscaping but I could come to the party and serve up the ice tea or lemonade....

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I know nothing about gardening at all but I'd love to come and experiment in your yard! ; )

iheartchocolate said...

I love hostas. I also love tulips, though I have neither.

That hello kitty chick? It was me.

i kid, i kid.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Lilac bushes are my very favorite. They are so fragrant, too. My other favorite plant I have is my clematis- I love viney flowery things.

And last night I wanted an ice cream sandwich like never before. And I don't even like ice cream.


Carrington said...

Oh, can that someone that is planting your things, come to my house afterwards? I have a cute little backyard, and I can't tell the difference between a plant and a weed... I grew up in AZ around Cacti, I'm not expected to know this... right?

Stacie said...

Good luck on your new eating adventure...or lack of eating adventure. :)

Stuff to plant...
Sedum, really easy to take care of...grows quickly!

Lillies are easy and pretty.

Hostas are a staple, but look around there are all different kinds of cool. ALSO, easy to go to someone's house (say MINE) and have them separate their Hostas. Sharing is caring. :D

Ann(ie) said...

I have zero idea what a hosta is. And I kill all plants. But, I can relate to the hello kitty weirdo. I had a coworker that decorated her cubicle in ALL Hello Kitty decor. Made me wanna vomit. But, I decorate in Happy Bunny which may bug others. However, they can suck it. ;) Happy Weekend!!!!