Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random happiness

Think happy thoughts.
Random thoughts…
Think happy thoughts.
Random happy thoughts…

This may not come as a shock to anyone but within the first hour of work today I felt an overwhelming wave of sadness. Between the cackling voice of one co-worker and the bitching gossip of a few others, I was ready to make a mad dash for the back door.

Then reality hits, I can’t run.
(Really, Crooked doesn’t run)

Therefore, for the rest of the day I only want to think of happy thoughts.

• Watching it rain when it’s perfectly sunny out makes me think it’s God’s way to water Mother Earth without it ruining people’s mood with gloomy weather. I love it.

• Oh the goodness of freshly baked bread drenched in butter.

• I love the feeling of using new makeup, lipstick, body wash or perfume. It’s a little treat just for me.

• A clean car. Shiny rims, freshly vacuumed interior and sparkling clear windows. (yes, I mean no kid smudge prints, does that ever happen?)

• Really ice cold water with the perfect amount of crushed ice. (Not cubes)

• Peach margarita (Can I get a hell yeah? Hell yeah, that’s the crack that Crooked loves)

• Getting all green lights while driving and having the perfect songs on the radio at the same time. Oh these moments are far and few between but I feel like the queen of the road when they do happen…

• New shoes. Always new shoes. Which I have made a new rule for myself. If the size 11 or 11 ½ is there, buy them right there on the spot. Always, never second guess. (unless they are animal print, I don’t do animal print)

• Laughing with some of the greatest girl friends ever. EVER. The deep within the pit of your stomach, knee slappin’, hand clappin’, red faced kind of laugher.

• Tulips. Okay, any flowers in general. (minus carnations)

• A clean house. Sinks without toothpaste gunk, tubs without film, floors without dust and a nice bleach smell with a slight overtone of citrus. OH a dream….

• The way the bathroom smells of my husband’s soap after he showers. I love it. It makes me want to crawl on top of him and… well I don’t know what. I just love it, it’s the bomb.

• Sitting outside watching the trees sway. I have a thing with trees and find them very peaceful.

• Taking photographs calms me and usually will make me very happy ( I just wish I knew how to “fix them” with Photoshop or programs to make them better)

• Watching JC’s big blue beautiful eyes soak in this beautiful world. Some days I can’t believe I made him.

• Babies. Babies make me very happy. The sweetness. The smells. The way even a beautiful baby can make even the strongest hard ass person turn into a soft mush of goo at the drop of a rattle. Even the formula smelling slobber that oozes out of their mouths. I love it.

• When the barista at starbucks actually smiles occasionally. It makes me feel good to think something good happened to her that day for her to exchange her frown for a smile.

• A warm towel over the vent waiting for you when you get out of the shower in the winter and then the air kicking on while drying your hair in the summer.

• A good burp. Oh wait! That perfect sneeze that would just never come, it’s like the perfect release. I always compared a good build up sneeze to an orgasm. The build up of anticipation, you work for it, begging for it and BAM! Over so quickly, but damn it was great.

• Did I just hear angels sing? Really. They are that good.

• On that note, while typing this I managed to cheer myself up. What’s your happy thought?


Mary Beth said...

You crack me up! You just summarized everything I love that I really didn't know I loved...hmmm, funny how you can do that. xoxo

Mimi's Toes said... need to post this in your work place so all can see....How do you come up with all this stuff girl? The one I love the best is the fresh bread drenched in butter...Let's have some on Saturday night...ok?
My happy thought I am having right now is that I have met such a great person as yourself and you will never know the uplifting feelings people feel when reading your random thoughts. Oh, and I am enjoying my new uplifting I am feeling with my new bra on today too. Ok, time to sign off....this is getting too korny....

stick shaker said...

this is a lot of happy thoughts...i need to practice happy thoughts...i have bad mood swings and lots of anxiety depression...

laughing has to be one of my fav things, i either make no noise at all, or squeak like i'm having a hard time breathing...i love it...

i love plumeria flowers, i have never seen them in real life, i dont' even know if you can get them here, i know they are in hawaii

i love clean houses and cars, but neither is ever clean

i saw the cutest baby ever was a girl baby with hair that stuck straight up and she would suck her lower lip in, she was 7 mos old with a perfect little baby face....

Erin said...

Wonderful list! I find happy moments in organizing my house, finding a new place for books or hanging up framed photos, the smell of my son's hair after he's taken a bath, a double-blended frappucino, and finding the time to take a bubble bath with a good book!

iheartchocolate said...

Happy thoughts? Why didn't I think of that??

Holding both babies on my lap and smelling their freshly washed hair. Nuzzling their chubby cheeks and stealing kisses.

My husbands touch, he is so generous with his love and support.

Getting my hair done! (if it turns out good)

addhumorandfaith said...

Some day, child. When you are "old" and retired, you will always have trouble remembering what day it is. Hubby likes to say "Every day is Saturday, except Sunday,in retirement."

But when we look back on the times you are going through now -- working, child raising, young marriage -- we mostly remember the good times. So, remember to savor those while you're living them.

addhumorandfaith said...

Oops! Put this comment on the wrong post -- but it still applies! :)