Monday, September 22, 2008

The week I tried to...but didn't.

This past week was a week of trying. I would try and try again to get something done and it just would never work out quite the way I had hoped for. Am I the only one the can't get crap done anymore?

It's been several days of attempting to exercise, have I nope. There were even attempts to blog or take my camera for a spin. Did I manage? Nope. I tried. It just wasn't in the cards this week.

Just today I attempted to register to vote. Yes, because I have never done so before but I am ready to exercise my right to do so now. It just took about 10 years. So, I'm driving along on my half hour lunch break and the darn D.M.V. is closed. Really? the one day I convince myself to just get it done and the place is closed. Then I remembered someone telling me to "go register at the post office!" Hmph. the post office?? Well I took their advice and let me tell you, you can NOT register to vote at the post office. Although she did offer to sell me stamps, that sweet little thing.

Saturday? Ha. It was another version of "Crooked does Chicago". That's all I have to say. Well not really. I spent a beautiful day awaiting a fellow hurricane relief worker to arrive in down town Chicago while she was in on business. What a wonderful day! The day flew my, as did my money and soon it was time to catch the train. I tried to make it home on time...I tried. It appears that after consuming tasty beverages that Crooked's ability to read a train schedule may become impaired. Just sayin'. I missed the 8:00 eastbound train. The next one wasn't until 11 PM. So! I have a great husband who picked me up on Michigan Ave, my own personal taxi. ( thanks dear!)

Yesterday I woke up with HUGE intentions of completing all my house work so I wouldn't be stuck doing them all on my only non-football day today. Well. I tried... The sink is full, the laundry is piled high and my floors? Well, what ever unidentified substance that is on my floors has me wondering. Instead I kinda did a whole lot of nothing. Not good.

This morning, well I thought this morning would be a great one. I thought I would try to remain even tempered (slight hormonal mess this week) and have our morning go off without a hitch. I planned to make breakfast, eat nicely with JC and not have to yell, correct or ground anyone(including the dog). Nope, I tried. You see having the dog digging in the backyard and running up to me in white nursing scrubs was not a great mood setter. Then there was back talk from a second grader and then a totally time anal mom running late for work. Right there. Right there in the kitchen I knew I couldn't try anymore. It appears that I may be trying to much. SO for the time being, I'm just gonna give up on trying and go with the flow. Hopefully, it's the right flow.

*I was going to try and make an effort on this post, it didn't happen either. Please excuse all spelling and gramar errors. Wait! that goes for all my posts! DUR.


Dawn said...

I'm not sure what your state rules and regulations are, but in CT you register through your town hall. You can get forms elsewhere (like the DMV), but they all go through your local registrar of voters at the Town Hall. You may want to check your town website or call your Town Clerk.

Good for you to try to register.

SJ said...

Oh CE, I still give you an A for effort! Things will get better!

iheartchocolate said...

I am having so much trouble loading your comments, so sorry. I just wanted to say I read them all. Sorry for all the bla days. Wine, totally counts. Congrats on the weightloss. AND AND the cool photog class (totally jealous here)


Lisa said...

They're registering people at the library here in Merr. I try to do all that stuff too, and I've just given up. On most of it anyway. You are not alone!

Ann(ie) said...

gah. I hate that. Feelin your pain lately. BIG time. =P

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness. I hope you had a good cry after all that. This only means that better days are ahead, my dear!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

PS- hope you get registered to vote!