Monday, October 27, 2008

Slowing down

There are days when I do not want to go into work because I'm just not in the mood to deal with it all. Even more so as of lately, but I continue, because life as I know it for now says I have to.

Then there are days where I want to park my car and take in all the sights that I am always rushing by. Life moves too fast and I am always trying to remind myself to take it all in while I can, but the demands of life press on.

That is why when I was driving to work and watched this sunrise the other day, (for once) I did not mind walking in late. Work could wait, but this beautiful sight was not going to for long. As I gazed up I felt the need to seize the moment. This precious moment, I believe it was meant for me to see it when I needed it the most.

It looked to me as if all the angels were fingering painting the sky on this morning. All the glorious colors would change with each block I passed and I could not take my eyes off the sky. My head was in the clouds... On this morning, I slowed down.


SJ said...

We all need a reminder to slow down - life does move way to quickly.

That is one beautiful sunrise.

*Lissa* said...


Adventures In Babywearing said...

That sky is amazing!


Christy M. said...

Beautiful. The sunrise and the sentiment.

I try to slow down and take in the sunrise every morning. It's hard sometimes with the rushing to get here and there, but it's oh-so worth it.

I hope your day is as beautiful as that sunrise, my friend!

Mimi's Toes said...

What an amazing sky. You must leave very early. You know, I've been taking more time too lately to look around at God's beauty. Keep those beautiful pictures coming.

imadramamama said...

Good for you. Sometimes we are so driven by the clock that it's hard to remember what really matters.

That's just an amazing sky!

chrissy said...

Beautiful, so happy you took time to enjoy and shared it with us!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

I am So in tune with you. I feel this same way. Clock ticking, life moving fast. No time to enjoy, to laze around, to explore.

I'm doing just that today - thanks to your reminder.

KT said...

You take such beautiful pictures! I hope you are getting them in 8x10s and framing them. You could make a lot of money, have some fun entering them in contests/exhibits, or just brighten up the rooms of your house with your talent.

Take care,

Janine said...

It's so important to do that sometimes. You forget that there's a world out there when you're rushing from home to work and back again.