Thursday, November 20, 2008

For love of photos...

and I did managed to get a few...
Several asked about some of my favorite photos.

Randomly picking from a huge pile of favorites,
these are just a taste in the long list of my favorites.
Looking at all these made me so very happy and it makes me miss
not taking as many photographs as I had been.( Darn lens for breaking)

Browsing through photos is like
reliving those great days all over again.
I love it.
When I look at the Chicago picture
I can still feel the bright sun just as I did that day!
As for the lighthouse, this isn't my favorite one
but I can tell you that I wish
Mr. Crooked Eyebrow and I were back there again!
(this time alone without Mr. JC)

Then there is my favorite belly shot of Milk&Honey.
When I got home that day and saw this shot
I was on a photographer's high. I was pumped.
It made me want to call everyone
I know and ask if I could take theirs too.

You know what?
They may not be professional quality
and I may not have the best camera
but I do have a love for my photos...
each and everyone of them.
Thank you for reminding me...


Chicago, Illinois

Dreams Resort

Cancun, Mexico


Taken in a park, Indiana


Crooked Eyebrow said...

Please excuse the strange spacing, i'm not sure what happened.

Carry on...


*Lissa* said...

Those are STUNNING! I love them!!

lissa said...

I like the last one the best - it's has the somber mood and yet with the shadows and the tress, there's a fantasy-like feeling to it, great composition

SJ said...

I love them all CE! Your photos are always an inspiration....

Stacie said...


and why aren't they professional? they look it to me...

You have a great eye...and THAT is what makes a photo professional to me.

Miss reading your blogs...hope you are back!

fran said...

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