Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My first.

I posted here today.

In other words, today was my first voting experience. No longer am I a voting virgin.

The entire Crooked household was up before the crack of dawn to line up for this historical election, including JC. Unlike when I was 7 years old, JC knows more about the world that he lives in than I did at his age. For a second grader he is quite aware of the candidates and the pressing issues. Even if his main issue right now is if the national anthem is getting changed(at least he takes interest).

All last night I heard, "Mommy. PLEASE don't vote for Obama, I heard he wants to change the National Anthem!"

So this morning my little man stood right next to me as I casted my vote. However, I did make him turn around so he couldn't read who exactly I was voting for. Finally, after 10+ years I voted and it makes me feel even better that my husband and I had our son there to see just how important voting really is. I'm guessing that if I had known at his age, I wouldn't have stayed a voting virgin for so long.

Happy Election day y'all.
I'm guessing it's gonna be a wild ride!


Olive U. said...

Congrats on your first time voting!

Stacie said...

GOOO YOU. My second grader was really interested as well...blogged about her opinion today. :)

Christy M. said...

Way to go!! I'm so glad you got out AND took JC with you. I'm sure it's something he'll never, ever forget.

MJ Tam said...

Awesome! What a great experience for Mom and Son.

Ryley said...

I have never voted either.. although I am just a 8 year voting virgin.. and I'm not voting this year either.. horrible huh?
I actually feel kind of bad about it. My moto has always been.. "I don't vote and I don't complain."
I never felt like I understood enough about it. And I still don't. I realize I am old enough to learn, and I control whether or not I do. But I just haven't been interested in it. But I know I need to change.
you are so right that way too many people have died for my right to vote. I shouldnt be letting them down.. maybe next year...

Ryley said...

but mine doesn't eat pumpkins!!! :)

Mimi's Toes said...

Good for you. I called off sick today, but did manage to get out to vote. It was funny, when I told my boss I wasn't coming in, he said, don't forget to get out and vote. It's great that you included your son.

*Lissa* said...

Yay for voting!!

Designher Momma said...

congrats my fellow voter! watching tonight, havening a good time.

a good night to be a Hoosier.

I took my daughter too. I told her,"today we get a new president".


Erin said...

That's so wonderful that you made it into a learning experience, and hopefully he'll lose that voting virginity sooner than you did!

I'm one of those dorks that was so excited about voting that I registered as soon as I turned 18 and haven't missed an election since, even if the off years.

SJ said...

I think it's awesome that you voted for the first time and that you took your son with you. I saw a lot of kids at my polling place.


Michele said...

Congrats on your first voting experience!! What an election to have be your first, too!!

I think it's wonderful that you took JC with you to cast your vote! What a memory that will be for him when he grows up that he was at such a historical election.

By the way, Kim @ What’s That Smell? / Accidental Mommies is how i found your blog.

Michele R.(CA)

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Did it hurt?

Just kidding, I'm proud of my country and this election seemed to be especially patriotic. It's great that you were able to show that to your son.

Let's not forget our troops so far away from home folks. m'k?