Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now what?

The holiday rush is done. A wonderful Christmas has been, well had. Now all that is left from this past holiday week is the massive amounts of garbage and left overs in the fridge. Sure the Christmas tree and ornaments need to be tucked back into storage but there is a New Year approaching and it can wait until then.

With all of the busy work done I can't help but think, now what? The shopping is done, the baking will hopefully be done and at this point I couldn't care if my house is a mess. What's next to be done?

Well for me it's a kid-free week. Yes! I miss JC more than I can imagine but he is having a grand time with his Baba & Dido and that makes me happy too. Where does that leave me you wonder? Let's see...Free. Mr. Crooked Eyebrow and I looked at each other the other night and said, "what did we do before him?". Really, now what should we do?

Even better than just having some free time at night is that I have found my husband. Yes,I know! I didn't realize he was lost either but for this week we aren't Mommy and Daddy. We are husband and wife. We are the giggly couple over margaritas and delicious Mexican food. We are the couple who say "I love you" instead of "wubba you". Soon to be the competitive sports duo in a guitar hero battle tonight. We are the "us" that was there before the child. The "us" that I completely adore and cherish. The "us" that I missed too.

I suppose I don't have to question "now what?" anymore and I love every bit of it.

(but I can't wait till JC come home, I wubba him so very much)


*Lissa* said...

Oh fun!! I didn't realize you were kidless this week! Awesome! I wish you lived closer -I totally kick my hubby's ass at Guitar Hero. Unless I've had a few too many. Then I get cross-eyed and have trouble seeing the screen.

Anonymous said...

I hope you guys have a good New Years, you deserve it!


Erin said...

We need to get together and play Guitar Hero! I beat Shane so badly at it that he refuses to play with me anymore.
I'm glad that you and your husband have had this time. It's so important to just reconnect and remember why you ended up together in the first place.