Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Q & A part II

By golly I asked for questions, I guess I should get to answering them huh? Here are some more:

chrissy said...
What College did you go to?

Honestly, I did not complete as much college as I was hoping happened. I did go to Purdue Calumet for a little over a year but then I was impatient in waiting to be accepted into nursing school so I transferred to Ivy Tech State College. You know what happened as soon as I started there? You guessed it, I was accepted to Purdue's Nursing program but I never went (and I'm still kicking myself today). If I could(like if I could quit my full time job), I would go back to Purdue Calumet and continue on further and take photography classes too.

Could you show us the top ten Photos you have taken and enjoy the Most?
I showed a few here, but I will get around to posting more of my all time favorites!

What is Your favorite recipe, you make?
Do you mean when I actually cook? Ha, Chef Chrissy you are funny. However I do love Cook's Country's Meatoaf. It's easy to make and with the secret ingredient of gelatin, it comes out perfect everytime!

here it is:
Low-Fat Meatloaf
Serves 6
The test kitchen’s favorite hot sauce is Frank’s RedHot.
1teaspoon vegetable oil
1onion , chopped fine
Salt and pepper
10ounces cremini or white mushrooms , sliced thin
3garlic cloves , minced
1teaspoon minced fresh thyme
1/4cup tomato juice
1slice hearty white sandwich bread , torn into pieces
1 1/2pounds 90-percent lean ground beef
1large egg
1tablespoon soy sauce
1tablespoon Dijon mustard
2tablespoons finely chopped fresh parsley

1/3cup ketchup
3tablespoons cider vinegar
1teaspoon hot sauce (see note)
2tablespoons light brown sugar

1. For the meatloaf: Adjust oven rack to middle position and heat oven to 375 degrees. Following photo 1 below, set wire rack inside rimmed baking sheet and arrange 8- by 6-inch piece of aluminum foil in center of rack. Using skewer, poke holes in foil at 1/2-inch intervals.
2. Heat oil in large nonstick skillet over medium heat until shimmering. Cook onion and 1/4 teaspoon salt until softened, about 8 minutes. Add mushrooms and cook until they release their liquid, about 5 minutes. Increase heat to medium-high and cook until liquid has evaporated, about 5 minutes. Add garlic and thyme and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Stir in tomato juice and cook until thickened, about 1 minute. Let mixture cool 5 minutes, then transfer mixture to food processor, add bread, and process until smooth. Add beef to food processor and pulse to combine.
3. Whisk egg, soy sauce, mustard, parsley, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper in large bowl. Add beef mixture and mix with hands until evenly combined. Using hands, shape mixture into loaf covering entirety of prepared foil. Bake until meatloaf registers 160 degrees, about 1 hour. Remove meatloaf from oven and heat broiler.
4. For the glaze: Combine ketchup, vinegar, hot sauce, and sugar in small saucepan. Simmer over medium heat until thick and syrupy, about 5 minutes. Spread glaze over meatloaf and broil until glaze begins to bubble, about 3 minutes. Let rest 10 minutes. Serve.

Ryley said...
what is your favorite food?
Yikes is that a tough question. I love food (hence the weight problem) but I never get sick of pizza or buffalo wings. Ever.

Do you have an weird quirks?
I'm sure I do. I can't think of any right now. I'm sure Mr. Crookedeyebrow can fill in about 3 pages worth about me. I do hate toothpaste. I cannot stand the look, feel, (yarg) I'm getting sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

Another, I put (more) deodorant on before I go to bed. I'm not quite sure why though.

What is the first thing you do when you come home from work everyday?
I'm going to be honest here. After I take my shoes off and put my purse down?Poop. I head straight for the bathroom 99.9% of the time. At work I never get a chance to take breaks like I should. Wow, I can't believe I admitted that....

lissa said...

Have you considered becoming a professional photographer? I love your photography, I think you have knack for it.

Lissa I love you. Really, I love you and thank you. I wish I could become a more serious photographer. In a pretend world I would be able to give up nursing, take more classes in photography and take photos for a living. Maybe one day, until then I'll keep it as a wonderful hobby!

I have actually been a fan of Lissa's photography for awhile!

That's all for now, more to come later but you can find a few of us over here each and everyday!


Mimi's Toes said...

I just love your honesty girlfriend! As I am biting into my delicious healthy choice chicken artichoke panini, I am reading what you do when you get home from work! Thanks so much for sharing your bodily functions....BTW, it didn't stop me from eating...

Christy M. said...

I'm LMAO at your potty talk, girl! Thanks for being up front with us! I think you're a great photographer, too, and I hope one day you get to realize your dream. I really doo doo. I mean, DO! Hahahahaha ;)

Love you girl!

imadramamama said...

OMG. You just told me when you pooped...

Anonymous said...

A few quirks? Here's a few I've noticed of my sister through the years...

1. absolutely has to open her mouth in a yawn-like motion while she is forcing q-tips into her ears ("but it feels so good")
2.she snorts when she is laughing really hard
3.cannot by any means go shopping without having to go #2 (hey, you opened the gates for that one)
3.will belt out a random song as soon as she hears something that sparks her memory of the lyrics or beat (proud to say we share this lovely quirk)

Oooo, I have a gazillion more plus hilarious stories from childhood. Just a few reason why I love you and what makes you my sister! Just a food!!!


Erin said...

I am dying over you telling the entire internet what you do as soon as you get home from work. I love it!
How do you brush your teeth? Do you just not use toothpaste? I know toothpaste isn't necessary, so it's not like your teeth are going to rot out or anything, but I'm intrigued!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

Dear MB,

My lovely sister...gee I can't thank you enough.

BUT a few things have changed like I no longer open my mouth when using q-tips. You pointed it out and I never did it again. I think....

and as far as shopping, well that doesn't happen too much any more either. It was always the shitty places we went to go eat.

I love you sis.

Crooked Eyebrow said...


I use toothpaste! I just can't stand to touch it when having to clean it up in the sink or if it leaks over the cap.

yucky, nasty goo.

Just Jinny said...

Crooked our paths cross again. I just 'joined' Shrinking Pants and was browsing the bios. Low and behold there you are.

I remeber on NaPoBloMo? Or is it twenty something bloggers?..I were admiring my

I need to get back on Weight Watchers in a bad way. Hopeing that Shrinking Jeans will be the motivation I need to get off my fanny!

Designher Momma said...

as a fellow hoosier...I too love to poop when I get home. Do you think it's an Indiana thing?

Anonymous said...

I've been reduced to a giggling mess when I've chased her through the house with a dab of toothpaste on my finger.

I'm not making this up.