Friday, January 16, 2009

Random post # who the heck knows

*After being home sick from work all week, I don't want to put "real" clothes on. You know, anything but pajamas.

*I will not be ordering a salad at a restaurant for quite some time.

*School was canceled today and I don't quite understand why. For frigid temps? Never while I was in school do I remember school being called off for cold temps and I used to walk to school.

* Nothing like walking out in the cold and being able to feel each individual nose hair freeze. Now that is living, no?

*Literally in bed for days, this morning I am on the couch. 6 days in bed in the same room and could have sworn at one point the walls were talking to me. Maybe that was the major dehydration. Thankfully the iv fluids I had helped.

*At breakfast today JC stood up and said "thanks for the, you know, food". Not sure why, but that blew my mind.

* Not to be out done by him asking why boys have "grapes". He is only in second grade folks and I had to explain what his testicles are for. I am not ready for puberty.

*All the snow we had in the Chicago land area the other day and I couldn't go out and take photos. It was gorgeous too. The snow, the trees and I missed it. I suppose there are always more snow storms to photograph.

*Have you all seen by now that Milk& Honey is now SarahViola? Go see her kick ass new designs too. Hit refresh and her headers change. That girl has skillz , yo.

*My blogroll is in need of updating and is not working. What does everyone else use? I have SOO many more blogs to add.

*The other day we got word that my cousin who has been stationed in Iraq since last November will be deployed home sometime in February. It was his second tour and this last one was 15 months.

* There was a soldier killed in action in our area this week and he was just home for Christmas, I broke down in tears just reading the photo captions. The cover of the newspaper today is his wife hugging the casket. Heart breaking.

*A week is the longest my car has ever sat. I haven't' driven since Saturday afternoon. I miss it.

*My least favorite chore is dishes. Next would be dusting, vacuuming, mopping and laundry. Yup, that about covers it.

*2 hours into the day with JC and I'm ready to crawl back into bed. Can you say hyper child and worn out mommy? He's cute, don't get me wrong, but I don't' care to see every move made on the Pokemon Nintendo DS game.

*Lately I have been thinking back on my childhood and trying to think of things I would change. Holy Cow is there a lot of things. Then I remembered so many little details and I was so embarrassed for my self. Between the big red glasses, the tight perms and the neon colored shorts. Oh boy, take your pick.

*Me and high school didn't mix either. I had very few friends and I was so unsure of myself, that I stayed hidden.

* My Christmas stuff is still up. This has been the longest ever. But first my back went out, then I got sick. Maybe next week....

*I'm going to be married 9 years this year in April. That blows my mind. Not to mention I turn 30 in May too. It's gonna be a big year ( of good things) I hope.

*What one great thing are you hoping for in 2009?


Stacie said...

i like your is down right NASTY cold out there today. Our schools cancelled too!

I hope you are on the mend.

Congrats on the 9 years and wow, ONLY 30, look at you, youngin ;)

One thing that I am looking forward to in 09...more like one word I am going for is MAINTAIN. MAINTAIN my sanity, MAINTAIN my weight, and MAINTAIN myself...

wish me luck ;)

Mimi's Toes said...

I can't believe that taco salad you ate last Saturday made you so sick. I thought it was just a few days of sickness. I am so sorry you spent the whole week in bed! I give you an award for the best random thoughts! You are so entertaining. Don't worry about still having your decorations still up from christmas...I still have my tree up and am putting heart ornaments on it tomorrow...Have a great weekend...Go check out my Great Nephew born yesterday....

imadramamama said...

Randomness makes me happy.

I honestly hope that this year Emma makes a big maturity jump. I'm really tired of the tantrums.

Momma TaderDoodles said...

What is up with schools closing because it's cold? Ours did too!

I don't remember school closing because they were afraid we wouldn't wear our coats when I was in school!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I have been doing dishes off & on all day long. Hate them so.

iheartchocolate said...

to sell our home and consequently pay off all or most of our debt. Hopefully-we will emerge from this *difficult period* with a new vision of how to manage money properly and renewed gratefullness for God's constant provision.

I am so sorry to hear about that wife's loss. I cannot fathom how I could go on.

I am glad you're feeling better. Hope you get back into your groove soon. Happy 9 year anniversary! It is a spectacular thing, truly is. Happy birthday too.

*Lissa* said...

I have MY 9-year next month! That's a long time!

I just use the thing on blogger for my blogroll, I'm easy like that.

Hmmm... I guess my one big thing this year is to become a fit hottie of course! ;o)

I'm glad you have made the move from the bed to the couch. That's progress!

Love ya!

Kim said...

You're lucky that your little guy let you wait as long as you did before asking about his "grapes" (I love that btw!) My 4 year old asked me, "Mom? What are these little BALLS for down here? I just want to POP them OUT!" That was a fun conversation ;)

One great thing I'm hoping for in 2009?? To be healthier and lose the 50 pounds I need to. WAHOO!

supah ~d said...

loving your title.. mother pluckin..

chrissy said...

Gosh, hope you are feeling better!
Good random, very random!!