Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shrinking Jeans 2nd challenge,week 2

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

It's that time again.

Back for another The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans challenge weigh in.

Official weigh in last week: 202#

(Remember I was very sick and dehydrated and lost 5#)

This week: 203#

I only gained one pound of that weight back and that's mostly from being hydrated again. I am pretty darn proud of that!

This morning as I stepped on the scale I remembered in September when I tipped the scales at just about 220#. Disgusted, I slowly tried to start watching what I ate at work and now I watch all my food intake. Moderation and sensibility have been the key. Also remembering that if you have to order the food by a meal number, it probably isn't good for you either (at least for me, i love me a big mac & fries).

So this week as I mentioned at the sisterhood, my goal is to drink plenty of water. Are you all drinking your water too???

If you didn't already know, I am writing about my weight loss journey over here. You can visit and cheer us all on over here and check back often as we review our favorite products, share recipes and our weight loss journey together as the sisterhood(+1 boy) of the shrinking jeans.

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WebJones said...

See look at that. Only 1# and you were worried. Great job and keep up the good work. Glad you're feeling better

Christy said...

CE, you're doing a great job! I'm so impressed that you only gained back one pound. You could have totally used getting over your illness as an excuse to eat. You know, like catching up, but you didn't because you're in control!

Stacie said...

good job!

Mary said...

I need to drink more water. That's one of my goals, and I'm HORRIBLE about it!

I hope you're feeling better!

Mommy Mo said...

OK, I laughed out loud about the whole ordering a meal by a number being a no-no. I, too, love me the fries at the Golden Arches. We are staying away from there like McDee's has the bubonic plague.

Drink your water, drink your water, drink your water. I have already had 64 oz since 8am this morning : ).

Kim said...

Good job! That is awesome that you only gained back 1 pound. We're going to do this and be looking FIIIINE Sister!

*Lissa* said...

You are doing fabulous hooker!

Vickie said...

Great! Only 1 pound is awesome. You have lost 19 pounds so far, that is wonderful. Keep it up.

Yup, I am drinking my water. Except for that Sunday birthday party. But, you are right, I had fun:)

ValleyGirl said...

You've done really well, only gaining a pound back after 5 lost from sickness! I usually gain EVERYTHING back once I'm healthy again!!

You've done so well overall, too! And next week, you'll be out of the 200's, never to see them again!!!!

Jessi said...

WOW, a 1 pound gain after being sick and dehydrated....AWESOME! I would have been reporting a net loss of a big fat ZERO, not 4. ;-) You'll be out of those darn 200s in NO TIME!

Good job on keeping track of your water. I really believe that making sure I took in 80oz/day helped me with my surprising 1 pound loss.

Wishing you a great week this week now that you're healthy again!

penguinsandladybugs said...

I totally get it! Only gaining one pound back is awesome! Drinking water....I need to do that, too!

Enos Family said...

Great Job :)

~Hope~ said...

Fabulous job this week! Congrats on your total weight loss too!!!

Thanks for the reminder I need to drink water today LOL!

Mimi's Toes said...

Super Duper job you are doing. You will be out of the 200 club in no time at all. You just reminded me to fill up my water bottle...Thanks!

aprilshowrs78 said...

Great job!! Isn't it great when you take a look at where you were and realize how far you've come? It's like puzzle pieces coming together!

And thanks for your kind comments!

Not Just Any Jen said...

Yeah!!! Super proud of you!!