Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Shrinking Jeans weigh in

Well today is the final weigh-in for our "Dream of a light Christmas"
at the sisterhood of shrinking jeans.

Challenge start weight: 209.5#
Last week: 207#
This week: 207#

You can see a run down of my numbers here.
Although I did lose more weight than only 2#, I could not keep it off for the holidays,but I am thankful for the challenge. Because without it I would have started the new year even heavier for sure.

The same as last week. Well I suppose the holidays were to blame, but mostly I can only blame myself and my lack of self control.
So the only thing that I can do is keep on going, right?
Next challenge??

If you didn't know I am writing about my weight loss journey over here. You can visit and cheer us all on over here and check back often as we review our favorite products, share recipes and our weight loss journey together as the sisterhood(+1 boy) of the shrinking jeans.

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imadramamama said...

Hey, you're smaller than when you started! You're headed in the right direction!

Trying to lose weight around the holidays sucks. Hard.

Today is a new day, though!

Stacie said...

yep, I think it is a great thing to have just stayed the same during the pat yourself on the back. Kudos.

Mommy Mo said...

You're lower than when you started and that's all that matters! "A loss is a loss" is my mantra : ).

Anonymous said...

I think you did great. Any loss over the holidays is huge in my book. Just think where you would be without the challenge?


Christy M. said...

Girl! I'm so proud of you. I know it was a struggle and you came through with FLYING COLORS.

Mimi's Toes said...

You did great my dear and especially with the holidays to boot! Keep up the good work! I am back on the losing streak again IS a good feeling...

Shelli said...

Tried to comment even before you left me one but my iPhone conked out. I got your hint on Twitter, ha ha.

I'm telling you this last battle has been harder than it looks but I've learned so much. A lb. or 2 every week or so is a victory but even 1 or 2 a month is progress. The small steps are the biggest leaps and I'm so proud of you progress. I really think the Sisterhood has made me focus so much better, the accountability has been a huge thing for me.

Thanks for the support!

Vickie said...

Hey, you lost weight, good for you!
I am looking forward to the next challenge. I can't believe I said that, but I am.

Thanks for the support.

SJ said...

A loss is a loss! Just keep your focus and take one day at a time! I'm on the same journey so please feel free to hit me up if you need to vent. Or chit chat - whatevs!