Friday, February 20, 2009

Random blah...blah...

As of lately, I've been having trouble sitting down or concentrating on anything that doesn't involve oyster crackers, ginger ale and sleep. Therefore, blogging or typing in general hasn't been high on my list. So here goes another random Friday to expel all these fluttering thoughts hanging around....

*I may quite possibly be able to sniff as well as a bloodhound these days. Every smell is amplified x1000 which then causes me to want to grab the nearest garbage can around. In my own way, I love it. It makes feel pregnant.

*Just this past week we finally got the Christmas tree out of the living room. Taking things to storage isn't always as easy as it should be. Having 2 sedans in the family doesn't help.

*I looked up over the TV the other night and realized I had forgotten to take down the "we believe in Santa" sign. What can I say, we love that jolly guy. Or does that just make me lazy?

*My boobs are so freakishly huge already, I'm having trouble leaving myself alone.

*JC draws photos everyday after school and always looks forward to showing them to us. Each day we hang them up and he explains them to us. They are mostly full of Godzilla, tanks and dinos but one day a new drawing was seen. It was addressed, TO: my brother or sister From: your brother and not only did it have Godzilla in it, it had "girl stuff" in the drawing, like beauty shops. Damn cute, isn't ? I will save it forever.

*My current drink is Orange Juice and I could have sworn my skin was a nice orange tint today. Which is better than the nice shade of pale bone white I have been sporting.

*Mr. Crooked Eyebrow sent me a dozen white and red roses for V-day and last night he came home from the train with my favorite white and purple tulips. If I was able to stay upright in the evening for more than 15 minutes,I would have totally kissed him more. He really is a sweet thing, he just never wanted that information to get out. It may ruin his grumpy guy image he tries to uphold. :D (hi dear)

* Holy shit I'm pregnant.

*I recently took photographs of babies and I was so bummed at the job I did.Like BUMMED. I love taking photos but I can not use photoshop to make them as perfect as I see them in my head. Indoor photography is so hard and I have not grasped the lighting as well as I had hoped to.

*Getting time to practice hobbies is a joke most days.

*This past week I have sworn off the radio. It has been full of the same 4 songs being played non-stop and just the thought of hearing Taylor Swift again makes me want to vomit. Just sayin'

*I have not plucked my eyebrows in 3 weeks. Not only am I crooked eyebrow, but I am also bushy eyebrow. eew.

*My cousin is home from Iraq, safely tucked back in Colorado. After about 16 months away, he is finally home. Safe. Life is good.

*Question. If your child was caught in a lie, how did you handle it? Did you punish them with groundings, writing sentences? What? Share with me.

* For the first time in 2 weeks I shaved my legs today. Dang, I was all bear like and totally surprised that I didn't clog the drain. It is nice to see skin again. What can I say, I am bringing sexy back yo.

*Wishing now that I would have firmed up my abs so I can start taking weekly photos of my belly. All that you can see now it the roll I had before. Although this week I did notice that it wasn't only my boobs that got bigger, my belly feels it too. I can no longer suck it all in as I could before. Soon...soon I will be get clearance from the doctors to exercise...

*If you can fulfill one craving right now, what would it be?
Mine? juicy, saucy tangy buffalo wings dipped in yummy blue cheese.


Stacie said...

love your randoms.

holy shit you're pregnant is the best one out of them all...happy for you!

I am sure the photos are great.

Love the picture, definately a keeper!

Kim said...

I love that picture. So stinkin' awesome!

Forget the radio - use pandora. I love it.

My pregnant belly never looks good until about 18 weeks. Then I start looking pregnant and not fat. Love it.

I love that you're pregnant. So freaking awesome!

I stink, so I must go shower. That is what I am craving right now. A long hot shower with no children to come in and open the curtain and ask me if I have another baby in my belly. Nope, just flab from the 4 previous babies.

Lynette3boys said...

Yes, you do have lots of randomness in your head I see. The radio is driving me crazy too, so I've been listening to NPR a lot lately which helps me stay in a more relaxed mood. I dig that.

Pizza sounds good right now. Followed by dark chocolate in any way, shape or form.

I love that you're pregnant and have big boobs.

I blogged about boobs and bushy eyebrows today too. Interesting. But neither had to do with me.

Jen L. said...

My eyebrows are also bushy right now. As in so bushy they are almost connected. Perhaps we should have an internet eyebrow waxing contest. We could all save our muslin strips and compare to see who had the bushiest. Ok, that's just gross.

Buffalo wings sound REAL good! I also drank OJ like a fiend when I was pregnant. That is, until the nice doctor took it away from me because my glucose test was borderline. Bummer.

Pregnant boobs are the 8th wonder of the world.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Craving? Oh I'd take a Moose Munch bar with a coke right about now.

And I think you must have gotten all of my scent capabilities because it's been 2 weeks since I could smell ANYTHING.

Erin said...

Is it weird that I read this and thought, "I can't wait to see her boobs." When I got pregnant with Luke, I went from a B-cup to a D-cup by week 6. It was insane.

I don't know much about handle a lying child, but as an English teacher, don't do sentence writing as a punishment. It makes us cry big crocodile tears because writing shouldn't be a punishment. Even though my students totally think it is.

I just had a giant lunch, so I'm not really feeling a whole lot in the craving department right now. But I think what really sounds good most days is an iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks. Which I can't have. Which is why it probably sounds so good.

I can't wait until you can start taking belly pictures. Until we can take some belly pictures together!

Mimi's Toes said...

Ooh, moose munch bar does sound good but I am sick again with a stupid sinus infection thing, so not tasting much either. The oyster cracker thing sounds like what I ate when I was preg. I kept them by my bed side. I know JC is probably so excited to have a playmate. The drawings sound so special.

*Lissa* said...

Love you in all your pregnancy goodness! ;o)

I have caught my children in many lies. Mostly my oldest. I have tried grounding, sentences, everything. You name it. If you find a miracle cure let me know.

With my daughter and the twins, being grounded for the day and not letting them have DS priveleges usually works. ;o)

chrissy said...

I can relate to the smells of pregnancy, hopefully the bloodhound nose and the vomitting will go away soon.
Your randomness cracks me up, love it, you are from one end to the other.
Lying, is always handled differently here, and differently with each kids. Sometimes all of those and sometimes one of those. When we were at the other house, I used to make them go pick up dog poop! Gotta go with your mom gut and not let that mommy guilt get in the way!

Sheryl said...

Ahhh pregnancy. You have no idea how happy I am that it's you, not me for once. When I preggo the last time I craved red meat (totally NOT me).