Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shrinking Jeans weigh in

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

It's that time again.

Back for another weigh in with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

Official weigh in last week: 198#

This week: 199#

+1# for 2 weeks

Unfortunately I did not weigh in like a good girl last week. I also have to admit I ate out a lot more and (gasp) drank pop. Yes, I know. So when I stepped on the scale this morning I was fully expecting to see a 5 pound weight gain. Thankfully it was only 1 for 2 weeks. That folks, I am ok with.
If you didn't already know, I am writing about my weight loss journey over here and check back often as we review our favorite products, share recipes and our weight loss journey together as the sisterhood(+1 boy) of the shrinking jeans.


Christy M. said...

That's great girl!! I'm so proud of you!

Stacie said...

it's all good in the hood.

for all that you have been going through, I think only one pound is TOTALLY acceptable.

Mommy Mo said...

I agree. You've had a rough couple weeks. 1# gain for two weeks isn't too bad. And today is a new day, right? Love you!

aprilshowrs78 said...

Hey, no worries! Things happen and 1# is not bad at all! I know you'll get back to it! :o)

imadramamama said...

That's nothing. Awesome job!

*Lissa* said...

That's great! Way to go!