Thursday, May 21, 2009

This should have a clever title but it doesn't.

Random thoughts of an almost 30 year old pregnant chick. In which case, those 2 facts may not even have anything to do with this random post. Go figure...

*This folks is my 700th post. That is quite a lot of non-sense babbling on my part, if I do say so myself. Blogging for close to 3 years and my grammar/punctuation still sucks. Sweet.

*My son professed his liking for a girl for the first time ever. He said "I think I'll draw her a picture of a flower." Ah, if only are adult crushes could be so simple. Well, I kinda would like it if Mr. CE drew me a flower...

*I slightly remember my 3rd grade crush, his name was Mitch. He was dreamy...for the third grade. I'm sure his shoes were rad and his hair was awesome.

*I am indeed 10 days away from my 30th birthday and I am completely fine with that. Here is to having this decade be even better than the last. My hopes being that I allow time for self-improvement both mentally and physically.

*My 4th, 5th and 6th grade crush was the same boy. Andy. Some bloggers that I went to school with might be able to figure that out. He called me names, made fun of me and yet I still continued to like him for all those years.

*Being 20+ weeks pregnant has now made it difficult to shave. How nice of me to share, isn't it?. You are welcome.

*Still bummed that I have not had any time to use my camera and take more photos. I think I need to go back to taking more photos of "stuff" to practice more with settings and techniques. Not to mention my desperate need to learn more photo editing. I am usually very, very disappointed with my photos because of my lack of post-editing skills. THIS.MUST.CHANGE. I want photography to make me feel good again.

*Speaking of crushes(again), I never once got a chance with any of mine in school. Unfortunately I only seemed to attract complete losers and thugs. Go me. Looking back I was very, very quiet in school so I never really "put myself out there" to meet anyone either.

*Lately I can't get enough ice and lemonade. I suppose one would call that a craving.

* 2 weeks (or so) until the gender of this baby in my baby can be known. Holy cow, that's too long to wait. In the beginning I had STRONG feeling of it being a girl and even stated so in this here blog. But now? oh I'm not so sure anymore. Healthy is the one thing I am most concerned about after all...but don't we all say that?

*As of last week I have gained about 8 pounds in 20 weeks. Not cool. I think my ass found 7.2 pounds of that, the other going to my boobs (which I love). Having to go up a cup size was a pleasant and long awaited surprise. It will only get better if I get to keep them that way after the baby.

*Mexican food sounds really good right now and it's not even 10 am. Then again so does french silk pie. I gained 8 pounds how??

*This blog used to fill some kind of "missing part" for me way back when. It filled a void when people came and commented. It made me feel special, wanted, and liked during a time when I didn't have too many people in my life. When blogging stopped making me feel that way I started to dislike blogging so much. After a big decline in visitors, comments and blogging entries on my part, it in turn ended up making me feel isolated and alone. That time away from daily blogging made me realize that blogging should not be filling a void, it should only enhance my life.

*Odd fact: I eat 1/2 cup of 1% low fat small curd cottage cheese every day at work at 10 am.

*I think I might be the only one left in my age group without an iphone or a multi-media phone. I have the cheapest phone possible. No frills, no camera, no Internet...nothing.

*Food fact: I like to dip my fries in mayo. NOT miracle whip, but mayo. It's not commonly acceptable to do when dining out, so I don't' do it often. But damn it is good.

*One of my favorite sounds is rain, what's yours?


*Lissa* said...

Well, I can honestly say I've been missing you!!! I get excited when I see you have posted!

Cottage cheese and fries in mayo -ew.

I have to say I have learned the most about editing from reading other photography blogs. I'm always finding new tips and tricks! If I can be of any help, you know where to find me!

Can't wait to see what Baby Crooked Eyebrow is! ;o)

*Lissa* said...

And I wanted to add that, I too, am from the underprivileged variety and have no iPhone or Blackberry. *sigh*

april said...

No new phone yet?

Okay, yeah. Mayo and french

You will love 30! I have!

Sarah @ said...

8 pounds in 20 weeks isn't bad. You're pregnant; it's bound to happen! =)

Also, I envy you the daily cottage cheese. It upsets my stomach if I eat too much of it, but it's one of my favorite foods. Especially with berries. Mmmm.

Erin said...

I have officially jumped on the iphone ship. When we're out together, you can hold mine.;)

Mommy Mo said...

No iPhone nor Blackberry here either : (.

And guess what? I have tried french fries and mayo and it is the BOMB. I went through a phase where I would only eat my FF's that way, but then I got a tad bit health conscious and eliminated the mayo from my FF eating.

Kim said...

I'm with you and iPhone for me. We just drool over them in these parts ;) I do have a camera on my phone though. just because I waited 2 years before getting a new phone so I got a screamin' deal from TMobile.

My first crush was Loren Hall. We were in Preschool together (I know, I started young) and it continued until at least 6th grade.

I can't wait to find out what is brewin in you ;)

I'm always glad to see when you post, makes my day.

Anonymous said...

I have been following you for about a year.. just a lurker.. I dont blog, I just read them so I didnt realize no comments were bad... So I am going to comment for the first time on your blog! :) I too.. LOVE french fries in mayo.. or better yet Mcdonalds tartar sauce.. Mmmmm...

Crooked Eyebrow said...

I am so happy that you left me a note, you made my day!

Now I have a confession, I have never had McD's tarter sauce...ever. I suppose I'll have to try now.


Brooke said...

add another late 20 something with an old phone - this one is over two years old.

Christy M. said...

My favorite sound is rain too. I always wanted to live in a house with a metal roof because it sounds so awesome when it rains hard. Now I do, and it's the best. I long for rain storms at night!

Eight pounds is fabulous, girl!! No worries :)

And yuck to cottage cheese. I can't deal with the texture. UGH!

Love you girl. So MUCH!

Marie said...

Haven't read the other comments because I only have a minute lol. But try French Fries with Ranch dressing!!!! Holy Cow !!! YUM


Mimi's Toes said...

One of my favorite sounds is the opening of my front door and grandchildren yelling my name.
If you love ice and lemonade, have you tried the lemon ice at Culver's???? You would LOVE it girl. It is the most refreshing taste ever. Happy early Birthday! You will have so much more fun in your 30's. It only gets better. Fries in mayo?? Oh girl, that is wierd! I do like them dipped in Ranch dressing.

~love said...

i love the sound of rain, too.

and i adore fries dipped in mayo...or ranch or honey or thousand island or tarter sauce, but especially in Outback's spicy ranch. holy cow, i love fries WAY too much.

i also totally want a lemon ice now.

i have a no frills phone. i've demanded a serious upgrade when our plan ends in august! =)

i turn 30 this year...i don't dread it, but it seems awfully weird.

and, no i don't know you at all, but think you were right about having a girl....

i'm going to stop "talking" now and go to sleep. =)

SJ said...

French fries and mayo is good - I've tried it.

I love the sound of water trickling...