Friday, July 31, 2009

Ass slappin' random post

* Well no ass slapping really, but just how many posts can you name "random"? I added it for flavor. I can haz flavr? However if you feel the need to slap your ass or anyone else's ass for that matter, go ahead...

* JC's school starts in 13 days and not a thing is ready. No book bag, no pencils and what ever a soft pocketed folder is that we are supposed to have. Nothing. It's going to be quite busy these next few weekends.

*I have taken hundreds of photos lately but have not had the time to go through them. I have done a few engagement sessions, a maternity session, took a few a night in Chicago and another hundred at my sister's farm. That's about 30 hours of editing to get through. I'm slow but at least I'm trying!

*As of today I have 41 working days left until planned maternity leave. Now that folks, is an ass slappin' good thing. It would be even better if I didn't have to go back.

*Currently my new waistline measurement is 47 inches. I'm hoping I lost some weight these past 2 weeks because I gained *too* much at my last visit. In my defense the wicked nurse made me stand on the scale with a full bladder.

A very full bladder because I can never go to leave "a sample" as they require.

*This past weekend while at my sisters I made a smores over a fire for the first time in a long time. Damn. I want more.

*Kitchen remodel is still under way in the Crooked household. I would show and share some photos, but if you have read up above you would know that I am quite behind on photos. However we did find awesome newspapers under the floor in great condition from 1957. It's amazing to see the ads ,headlines and the size of the paper back then. Pretty neat (if I do say so myself)

* My due date is less than 10 weeks away. Let me remind you that currently her room is our kitchen. So we still have to finish the kitchen, paint her room, fetch the crib from storage and buy a crap load of baby stuff in 9 short weeks. Holy cow my chest feels tight.

*If I could eat anything right now without any consequences it would be a deep dish Giordanos pizza, a glass of sangria and a brownie ice cream sundae. Would it be wrong to say that my mouth just orgasm ed thinking about it? naw...

*Way back when I made suggestions about getting a Brazilian before my birth? For those of you who have done this, how long do they last and how soon would you get one? Like week 37??
I'd hate to have to go get 2 before my birth. Or should I???

* I miss sushi.

*Some days I would welcome silence, but other days I crave conversation from others. Today? Bring on the conversation, I'm feeling chatty.

*Do I remember how to change a diaper? or even bathe a newborn? Wow, there are going to be quite a few changes.

*Slight panic setting in now, deep, slow breaths...

*Tomorrow I am hitting the garage sales for baby stuff. I haven't been to a garage sale in years. Like 25 years. So here is to hoping I find some good baby stuff!

* How much cash do you typically take to a garage sale anyways?

* I missed out on going to Blogher this year, but after reading everyone's posts and seeing all the photos, I feel like I was there. Except that I didn't get to meet all those amazing people.

Plus I avoided all the "what's your blog?" followed by a long nervous pause because they had never heard of me and my little space in the web. So I suppose it worked out for the best. Maybe next year??

*If given an option of spending $50, how would you spend it? Would you be something just for you or for someone else?

* It took me all working day to write this post, just incase you were wondering. (and I know you were)

*Since I've been so busy I totally missed that I have been blogging for 3 years already. Three years of non-stop ramblings full of gramatical errors. Three years of making some pretty kick ass friends both in real life and online. Three years of being Crooked Eyebrow. Now that is cool, ass slappin' cool.


Anonymous said...

stuffed spinach Giordano's're evil for bringing that up!!!

i'm wondering about the Brazillian too? i'm scared!!!! can we go in disguise cause it seems a little weird. that's why i think your ob should offer that service at their office. i mean while you're down there! just a suggestion...

btw, baby name yet? seriously, 10 weeks left!


april said...

This was the best ass slappin' ramdom post ever.

Don't worry, I'm not a mom, but when my nephew came, I remembered how to change a diaper. And it had been 10 years. It's kinda like riding a bike....well, not really, but you know what I mean.

Any time you feel chatty, just let me know! I'm usually around! :o)

ninibeans said...

Holy crap, that's exactly what I want to eat too...preggers or not that's the perfect combination!! I'll take a peperoni and sausage yum yum!!! I had giordanos last summer in Chicago and came home to FL longing for more. In nov my awesome hubby found that we have them here, less then 30 min from home, now I'm in trouble!!! Now I'm hungry:)

Elaine A. said...

I hear you on the school supplies. My Ben starts soon and we've got a backpack and that's about it.

And now, I want smores...

Mimi's Toes said...

Like I have said before, You take the award for the best Random posts ever. Where do I begin to comment? You made my Saturday morning brighter and ready to face the day. I just might put on my cowgirl boots and do some Ass slappin'. I can't believe I just typed this! You crave exactly what I crave not pregnant. As for how much money to take to a garage sale, I would dump the change you have saved in a pickle jar in a ziploc baggy. People don't mind change! Take a bunch of singles, 5's and 10's. You can always talk people down on prices, especially baby items. If they have a sticker for $10, ask if they would take $8. If you find lots of clothes, ask if they would make you a deal on a bag full. I always give deals at mine! I hope you find exactly what you are looking for! Have a Great Saturday and thanks for making me laugh! Love ya!

Mommy Mo said...

Dude, I would totally spend the $50 on ME, yes ME. Duh.

As for school supplies, i don't even know what I have to get. I am a newbie at this stuff. My daughter is the first of y three to head off to school. My BFF Amanda (and I am lucky enough to call her my neighbor) has been my go-to girl for this kind of stuff.

Oh yeah, you kick ass. Now please send me that picture of me and you and whomever from our night in Chicago. No editing required- I'll do my own. Thanks!

Love you, Lisa

*Lissa* said...

Deep breaths, taking a care of a newborn is like riding a bike, it will all come RUSHING back to you. ;o)

I have photos from last fall I still haven't gotten around to editing. Yeah, I'm a little backed up. Someday.

Fuzzy said...

Oh man. Yard sales. I hate them. I know you're supposed to go and talk people down, and bargain, but I am soo bad at it. I worry I am going to offend them with what I offer. Don't bring a $100 bill, as my MIL's friend does. Always interesting to get change for that.

Seriously loved your post. Are you going to give us any hints on names, or just announce when she comes? Are you having her natural, or section? Oh, and the brazilian? TOTALLY want to know all about it.

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