Thursday, July 09, 2009


Every morning JC and I start our journey off right, with tunes. Before the child has even fastened his seat belt, he is shouting out requests. You see, I'm not only the breakfast, lunch maker, hair brush er, shoe-tier in the morning, I am also his personal D.J.

Because in the morning, we be jammin'.

I love that he loves music. I love that he can tell me what instrument is cranking out a bitchin' solo. I love that he can hear just one short sample of a song and tell me what it is. Unlike his mommy, the kid has great ears.

He would tell you that Metallica has the best drummer, the Beastie boys have the most bass and that Cake's song "the distance" gets him pumped up for summer camp. Without a doubt he would tell you that he hates it when I sing Paul Potts. (I don't blame him...)

So far this week Johnny Cash's "a boy named Sue" has been his favorite and if he had a chance to quote it or even sing it for you, he would. The song cracks my boy up.

This morning as he belted out Jimmy Buffet's "volcano", I saw a glimpse of a child that was truly enjoying life. With his head bopping, singing from the bottom of his sweet heart he looked up at me and my heart was jammin'. It's these little mommy moments that I adore and treasure.


Whitney said...

This is so awesome.

Cake gets me pretty pumped too... note to self: add to playlist.

To Think is to Create said...

Love this! What a little smartypants.

designHER Momma said...

oh I love this. I have a 4 year old that just loves to sing Phish at the top of her lungs...

Mimi's Toes said...

Ok now, you have to video him singing "a boy named Sue". So glad you have such a good time jammin together. Does the little princess dance around in your tummy while you guys are singing?