Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sakura Bloom Triathalon's first challenge( and the longest post ever)

So as most of you may know, I was chosen to be one of seven moms to take part in Sakura Bloom's Triathalon hosted by Adventures in Babywearing. Part of the challenge is to wear a fabulous sling of my choice, document it and then answer questions.

Am I lucky or what? I think so.

Even better? We also received a Bravado Nursing tank. You know what? Mine arrived on a day where I was so frustrated with being a new breast feeding mom who did not have a bra to wear out in public. Can I just say how much I adore my tank? I do. I love it. I need to buy more because I am in love with the ease of the tank and feeding, yet it's stylish and the control top of the tank makes me feel so comfortable. Bravado Nursing tanks...I love you.

moving on....

Eden and I had the pleasure of wearing a ring sling from the Pure Linen Collection in Plum. What I love even more about it is that it was shipped to me on the day I went into labor and it was waiting for us when we came home. The packaging alone was gorgeous, the sling? The sling is beautiful, soft and I am so sad that I have to part with it. It was our first sling as a newborn and my first sling as a babywearing mommy.

Sakura Bloom...I love you too. (smooches)

Moving on to the challenge... the first challenge is to answer 3 questions. Here are mine. The winner receives a $100 gift certificate to Fawn&Forest!

1. What first interested you in babywearing?

Eden is, quite simply, a miracle baby to us. After struggling with infertility for seven years, my pregnancy with her was unexpected and so very beautiful. I held tight to every moment she was in my belly, every sweet kick and roll, so it made sense to me that I would want to hold tight to her on the outside, as well. Furthermore, I will have to return to work when she is still a small baby, so these moments that I'm home with her become all the more precious and fleeting. Therefore, baby wearing seemed not just something I wanted to do, but something I HAD to do. When I wear her, I feel like she's still a part of me, but even better than when I was pregnant, because I'm able to kiss and smell the top of her sweet head.

Of course, being hands free is also important. I'm not just Eden's mom, but I'm a mom to an almost nine year old boy, too. As he was the only one for so long, I want to make sure that I'm still spending time playing with him, helping with homework, and being the mom that I've been to him for the past nine years. I'm finding that baby wearing has not only brought me closer to Eden, but closer to my son JC, as well, because I'm able to be with him much more than I would if I were not baby wearing.

2. How is your personality reflected in your parenting style?

As a parent, I'm not sure that there is one way to describe my parenting. While I am not entirely routine-oriented, my son has ADHD, which means that we do need to follow a routine to keep him on track. Keeping routines for his sake have proven to be the key to success in both at home and school. While I am also not completely strict, I recognize the importance of sometimes veering from a schedule in order to have fun and allow him to be a kid. This is much like my personality. While I like to have plans and know what is coming around the corner, I am also someone who enjoys spontaneous get togethers and outings. As I mentioned earlier, I did struggle with infertility, and that has certainly taught me to enjoy every single moment with my children. I know that my children are truly a gift, one that I thought I might never have, so I realize that it's important to sometimes veer from our schedule in order to enjoy a few more laughs, a few more hugs, even if it means going to bed half an hour later than usual.

3. If you could spend a year traveling with your family, where would you go and why?

To be entirely honest, my first thought was, "Anywhere, a vacation just sounds nice!" But after really thinking about it, this question became more challenging. My husband I have worked very hard as partners and as parents to make our house the most comfortable spot, the spot where all of us want to be. So leaving our perfect home for one full year seems hard to imagine.

If I had to choose, I would wish that my family could take an amazing adventure, a journey, when both Eden and JC are old enough to appreciate the education and life experience offered by travels. My family and I would love to spend an entire year visiting all the beautiful sights within our United States, as they have so much to offer. We would begin out East and travel across the country, ending up on the West Coast. We would visit all the national state parks, national landmarks, and of course, your typical tourist destinations. This wouldn't be a vacation where we'd visit only theme parks and tourist traps, though, instead, we'd search out history in places like Salem, Massachusetts, and Yellowstone National Park.

As a child (and still as an adult), I have not had the opportunity to travel as much of our great country as I would like. Although my mother worked hard and did her very best for us, she was never able to afford such travels. Therefore, I'd like to give my children this gift before they leave our home for college or to begin their own families. That said, while I want them to learn on our travels, I still want them to be children. I would also like to have small mini-vacations throughout our year of travel. What better gift than to see my children build a sand castle on a warm beach, while my husband and I snorkel. That would be divine! Whether in Hawaii, Aruba, or Australia, I would be happy traveling anywhere--just so long as it's with my family.


Erin said...

So beautiful. I love how much you treasure your family and all of the moments that you get to build with them.

Beana @ Bean Circus said...

Great answers! So true about babywearing allowing you to keep your baby close like they were in the womb.

~Mendie~ said...

Love the color of that sling....this post made me smile for you!

Julia D. Photography said...

Yay, Salem! I live right next door...good choice :)

And a wonderful post to read...you spread so much love through your writing!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love this, Donya, and I hope you get to have lots of travels someday.