Friday, January 01, 2010

3 months

Dear sweet Eden Elise,

Today you turned 12 weeks old. It amazed me that for 12 whole weeks you have been in my arms after waiting 9 months to hold you. Just thinking how much you have changed and how quickly you have done so makes my eyes swell with tears. You are beautiful, simply beautiful with your big eyes and squishy, kissable cheeks. Your mom and dad make cute babies!

You are now sleeping in your crib at night and sleeping for longer stretches. You smile the most when you either have your diaper off or when you are lying on your changing table. Watching you move your hands with purpose amazes me just because of how intense you look while doing so. You are a woman on a mission, I love that.

For quite some time now, about 3 weeks, you like to sit propped up. Thankfully you got a bumbo chair for Christmas and you hold your self up so nicely. Everyday you seem stronger and bigger. In fact, you are wearing 3-6 month clothing and some outfits you are too long for! Mom's milk is working I would say.

The swing is your favorite way to relax and nap and I don't dare try to lay you down for bed any earlier than 10. I have learned that you only want to be held and as soon as I try to lay you in your bed, you do not like it. So, I just take it as a sign to love on you more.

I have gotten used to holding you all day for 3 months, which has been the biggest joy and blessing. (But) it makes me so incredibly sad and terrified that someone else will be holding you all day at daycare. You see mommy goes back to her nursing gig next week and just knowing that you will smile and coo for some one else hurts. It hurts so bad. Deep in my heart I know you are going to be okay, but I just feel like you are only meant to be in my arms for right now. Hopefully we both do well with the transition.

Your bath time is one of your favorite parts of the day still. When we wash those chubby cheeks with the sprayer you drink the water. Your brother never did that and it cracks me up every time. Actually so much you do makes me smile. If my heart could smile, it would.

The boys in the house have taken such a liking to you as well. You have changed your dad in ways only a daughter can. A different, softer side is there and its because of you. You make your daddy smile just as big as big can be. Just like your brother does. Speaking of you brother, he loves to hold you, kiss your head and make you watch what he is doing at that moment. One of my proudest mommy moments since you arrived was walking in on your brother talking to you while you were in your crib. He was touching your face, singing to you and you had the biggest smile. That moment was amazing. My babies...

Since you have been born you have had your first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. For me, you were the best Christmas present any mommy could have asked for. I honestly mean that. I waited and wished and hoped for you for so very long and now you are here. My sweet Eden Elise, Happy 3 months. I love you.

Eden Elise 12 weeks old


Jen said...

What a beauty! I have been following since shortly before her birth. Hard to believe it has been 12 weeeks already!

livinginagirlsworld said...

So sweet! She is absolutely precious.

Elaine A. said...

The part about putting her down before 10, that's just like Baby K! HA!

She's so sweet and I love how you talked about all that she's up to these days. Happy 3 months to Eden.

p.s. praying the transition goes well when you go back to work. I know how hard that is. Hugs!

Bacardi Mama said...

A perfectly beautiful post. Eden is going tolove this when she grows up. I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers when you go back to work.

keli.h said...

Such a beautiful post ... you'll be in my thoughts next week. *hugs*

Cameron said...

Love this post, she's so beautiful! Thinking of and praying for you next week.... :)

Corinne said...

Good luck next week!
What a sweet photo... she's gorgeous :)

Mommy Mo said...

She is about the cutest present I have ever seen! LOVE.

april said...

OMG, she is so so so so CUTE!