Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Fling

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

It's the Spring Fling over at Shrinking Jeans. Our new challenge starts today.
It's going to be a busy month over at the sisterhood!
Why you ask??
Well, because yours truly is
heading up the next 30 day shred (pray for me and my thighs)
I may not be around here as much, but you can always hop over there and cheer
all of us on. Really, who doesn't like to get cheered on!

You wanna join in the fun?
We are giving away 11 copies, but only for 24 hours.

Go now!

Hurry and report back there March 1st
for the start of the 30 day shred.
Will you be joining me?
I hope so.


Janine said...

I have been doing the shred a few times per week for the last 3 months. I also go to Curves 2-3 times per week. I've lost 10 pounds and I'm also back into almost all of my pre-pregnancy clothes and Noah will only be 5 months tomorrow! I will say that it is SO HARD. It has gotten easier and I'm sure it would be even easier if I did it every day. It definitely is working though, in addition to the weight loss, I also see a difference in my muscle tone. Best of luck to you Donya! You can do it :)

Elaine A. said...

I bought a copy like a month ago but have yet to even crack it open. My motivation has taken a down turn. I feel like I just can't lose any weight right now. It's awful.

Maybe I will try this with you...

Mel's Box of Chocolates said...

Joined the group. I have the DVD and completed up to week two I think, but then I fizzled out. Hoping I'll be inspired to finish this time.

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