Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well, well, look who actually remembered her blog password after all these months.

This hasn't been a great year for blogging or taking photos for me. Quite honestly, I've been okay with that. I used to depend on this blog for a lot more, it is just not the case anymore. Blogging was my stepping stone to figuring out -me. A place where I could spill it out, use poor punctuation and awful grammar and feel better after hitting "publish".

I was trying to remember how long I have been "crooked eyebrow" now. Well, after digging around in my archives it looks like I started Crookedeyebrow in July 2006. That was an odd period of my life. I had just bounced back from a lot of personal things, had a growing young boy and had little to no friends in my life to turn to. A lot has changed since then and I know there will always be more changes around the corner.

Changes, surprises, I've had them because never in a million years did I think I was going to have another child, yet a girl. This blog was a huge part of documenting my pregnancy with Eden. I only wish that I wouldn't have been so busy this past year, I missed documenting a lot of her first year.

This blog has seen me do home improvements, house selling, house hunting, photographs, weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, bored rants and ramblings and a whole lot more. I sit here wondering, why do I still have this little .com anymore if I don't' use it. The answer, I don't know. I just about deleted all my social media accounts last month. Something kept me from doing so. Just not sure why yet.

My kids are growing like weeds, Eden is running all over the place, chattering up a storm and loving on her big brother. She makes us laugh and smile deep from the bottom of our hearts. She has become quite the daddy's girl as well.

JC is growing. Like all his pants are too short. I hug him a night and wonder where this huge boy came from. He's trying to become his own little person, little by little, but still wants our help for things. He is brilliant, trying at times, and himself, is trying to figure out where he belongs. Moving was difficult. Fourth grade has been difficult in a new school. He's getting there. {Oh for the love of God, are we there yet?}

Our home is slowly growing into ours now. Yet sometimes I go out to the garage and am shocked to see my car in the garage, because it still doesn't feel like home yet. Somedays...

Work. Work. Well, it is what it is. {Nuff said}

Husband. Is good. Real good. Soon we will celebrate 11 years of marriage. That in itself is an accomplishment that I am proud of and thankful for.

So that should bring everything up to speed. I ,Donya, Crooked Eyebrow, says so.


Kate at Big City Belly said...

I've been thinking about you! So glad you gave us an update. I feel the same way about social media sometimes. It's tempting to be done with it.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

So happy to see this pop up in my reader. :)


Bacardi Mama said...

It's wonderful to hear from you. Glad things are going well.

Mary Ruth said...

Good to have you back!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Always a joy to hear from you and get a little update on your family. I hope you have a PERFECT spring headed your way. Sending you big hugs!

~Mendie~ said...

so glad to hear that your family is doing well. the work thing is what it is...sounds about right for most of us.

I've been less diligent about posting much too except the pregnancy updates. I will take this as a reminder to try to document things when my little princess arrives! I'm sure I will be busy staring at her, but its a good thing to have them in writing.

Have a great week Donya!

Mimi's Toes said...

I was so excited to see a new post from my precious C.E. Don't ever stop blogging, please! You were one of my first blogging friends I met when I started blogging, so you are not alowed to quit. Great to see your life moving in such a positive way.

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing Donya. I miss you. Not just here in your little .com space, but in real life. I so enjoyed visiting with you and hope that it works for us all to do just that again sometime in life where I can see how crazy big sweet Eden has grown and hear all about what you are doing to make your new house home. Sending you a hug here in this comment. Katie

*Lissa* said...

So exciting to see a post from my dear friend!! Can you tell I am a little behind? ;) Love ya, girl!