Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today I turn 32.

No big deal, just another day.

However I thought I would list 32 things I would like to accomplish and do in the next year.

1) Continue to grow a healthy baby and hopefully have a speedy, easy delivery this fall.
2) Get more hair cuts and not wait until I am a total mess with no hope for recovery.
3) Take more family photos with myself being in them.
4) Lose all the baby weight by eating right and exercise.
5) See #4, start exercising.
6) Clean and organize my closets and dressers.
7) Take more family trips, even if to the neighborhood parks.
8) Learn to make Quiches. After eating a fabulous tomato, spinach, bacon one this weekend, I think it might be a new fav.
9) Meal plan for more than 2 days at a time.
10) Teach my son something that does not involve Math. Folding clothes, maybe? :)
11) Meet and learn the names of at least 5 neighbors. Kids names are bonus points.
12) Host a party.
13) Shop for Christmas early.
14) Read more, not blogs, like real books.
15) Paint my nails more.
16) See #16, buy nail polish and remover for once.
17) Clean out my car more, those kids have trashed the back seat!
18) Visit my sister more.
19) Take the kids to the zoo.
20) Visit the museums.
21) Walk the beach at night with just my husband, no kids, skip rocks like old times.
22) Take the kids to the beach.
23) Do more arts and crafts with the kids.
24) Find another hobby besides photography, something crafty...
25) Laugh more when I get upset on things I can not change. Like... my son will never wake up in a good mood, his mommy never does either.
26) Try to wake up in a good mood more.
27) Not to forget to be thankful for the little and big things in life.
28) Floss more.
29) Try not to go to bed without giving kisses.
30) Try to set a better example to my kids by not saying all the negative things I may think about others or myself.
31) Watch less TV- ( i really don't watch that much to begin with)
32) Continue to live each day knowing that I am one lucky girl/momma with Crooked Eyebrows. I have a loving husband, 2, almost 3* babies and a wonderful family. All I am completely grateful for.


Bari said...

Happy Birthday! Those 32 things are awesome :)

Cameron said...

Great list!! Happy birthday!! :)

Gillie said...

Happy Birthday! I LOVE quiche too. The leek and cheese quiche recipe at allrecipes.com is to die for. Doesn't exactly help with goal #4...but so worth every calorie! I hope it's been a great day.

Bacardi Mama said...

Happy Birthday Donya! I love your list. Quiche really isn't very hard to make. If I can do it, anybody can. Hope it's been a great day for you!!

Elaine A. said...

That's a great list of goals! Happy Birthday to you!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I like number 18 the best...


chrissy said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the list! #8 is easy, once you make one (cause the learning is in the making and they are EASY) you know how to mak'em all!! KEY...is to buy the pie crust, don't fuss yourself with extra work! I have a comment for each one, but it would go on and on!!

imadramamama said...

That is a lovely list, my friend. I hope you had an amazing birthday!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I'll come to your party! You should serve quiche! And I'll knock out 3 neigbor kid names for you... Wolfie, Tulip, & Luna! You should invite them, too. They are super cool. I'll go shopping with you, too. And would be glad to share my books with you.

Hope you've had a good bday week. See you soon!


Anonymous said...

I think we share at least 20 things on our lists. Love you!

Cousin Amber