Thursday, May 12, 2011

Holy Shi.. cow

Every night I catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror and I look at my expanding waistline. What is left to resemble a waistline anyways and I say "holy shi..cow".

(Not to mention that every night while in the bathroom, I am reminded how we need to replace the huge, unforgiving mirror)

As I was closing the refrigerator door the other day, yes I was looking for something sweet, I caught a glimpse of our ultrasound. I stopped, looked again at that sweet baby's head and said, "Holy shi..cow".

(It really is a sweet little baby photo)

At dinner, just about every night, Eden throws food, cups and stands up in her highchair and I say, you guessed it, "Holy Shi...cow".

(Isn't toddler hood fun?)

Today I am looking at Amazon, thinking of all the new baby stuff and other baby stuff that we will need.

(Another crib, more bedding, mattresses, diapers, high chair that isn't broken, double stroller, a new glider. So. much. stuff. to. buy. OMG.)

My only thought, "Holy Shi...cow, we really are having a third baby". My belly is getting bigger, I have to buy more stuff and OMG I have a busy toddler on top of it.

Holy shi...cow


Gillie said...

I SO wish we lived in the same city...or even the same state! I have a brand-new double stroller and a beautiful crib that could use a new home. Boo! kids would never sleep in the crib so I think it's cursed. You don't need a cursed crib for baby #3. That would be wrong. :) I'm so excited for you and the rest of the family!

Kate at Big City Belly said...

Ha! Loved this. I feel the same way ALL THE TIME. I'm surprised you're not still in denial. Mine lasted a long time!

*Lissa* said...

Deep breaths. It will be okay. And, hello???? Where are the baby bump pics, skank? :)

Can you please send me some of your baby-makin' vibes? Mine aren't working.