Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Look, she drank too much coffee and has lots of random thoughts.

* After listening to Aerosmith so much in junior high, it only takes a few notes of "dream on" for me to go in a complete panic in attempts to change the radio station before I want to stab something.

*When we bought our new house, I had no idea the amount of gardening that would come with it. I can't tell what is a weed and what is a plant, but the flowers are gorgeous. (and need to be separated and cleaned up)

*In my coffee driven, racing thoughts today, I am attempting to make a to-do list for our house before the baby comes in October. Also, before a paycheck ends.

*I'm scared to be a stay at home mom. There , I said it.

*Since this pregnancy, I have not been able to eat salads, which I typically love. Odd.

* I have a story, a sad one of my childhood, that one day I will face and write about. I almost started today, but didn't have the courage.

*When Jc stops to hug Eden in the morning and she wraps her chubby arms around his neck, my heart melts and makes me think I am doing something right.

* I wish for a lot of things, but I never have the drive to make them come true.

* Mr. CE brings me flowers wrapped in brown paper at least bi- monthly. So often that Eden always wants to smell the roses and tulips. She is a sweet and so is her Daddy.

* I don't know what color to paint our 2 story foyer, it currently is sage green and it feels like a dark cave. Dislike.

*In 2 years, I have not printed out one single photo of my family. Also, we never had a family photo, ever. Even before Eden was born. Sad.

* I miss riding a motorcycle. Twice, while in high school I rode with my father on the back of his Harley to D.C. on memorial day. Quite the experience. I would even fall asleep on him while riding. I think I slept all through Ohio one year.

* I can touch my tongue to my nose. Now that is talent.

* I only sang karaoke once, in a group and there is video somewhere. I was drunk. Surprise! No, not a surprise, because I would never do such a thing sober.

* If you had a small mud room/laundry room, what color would you paint it?

* I have never been to a water park.

*I almost didn't finish nursing school because I at the time I had no hearing in my right ear and could not take a Blood Pressure. My last (one of many) ear surgery corrected that. I have a cadaver bone in my ear and had a skin graft to make a new eardrum. (I can hear now) and I take blood pressures every day.

*Holy cow, I am going to have 3 kids.

* In my head I am much more creative. I just don't know how to make it happen. Whether in decorating, painting, writing, photography.

* Often I worry if I am a good enough friend, sister, mother, wife . I try really hard, but often feel like I fail in attempts to balance all my roles.

* I am boring myself with my random thoughts.


Stacie's Madness said...

i love random thoughts posts.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

One sure thing: you are an amazing friend. I am not good at choosing colors for house/home/rooms.


Sarah Viola said...

I miss you. And I feel THE SAME WAY about Aerosmith. *shudder*

Bacardi Mama said...

You didn't bore me. I love random posts.

Lost A Sock said...

I love this post. I believe, in fact, that I could have written parts of it myself.

You rock, sister.

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing sister, silly!..and wife and mommy and daughter and friend and auntie and photographer and nurse and blogger...see how many people miss your posts! Aerosmith and Alanis Morrisette, and No Doubt, ugh!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your random thoughts. Makes me want to blog so I have an outlet for all of mine. And you are an awesome cousin! I am so lucky!

Cousin Amber