Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random like the hairs on my chin.

* With each pregnancy (and age) I have begun to have a problem. A hair problem. On my face. Sexy, no? I'm not enjoying plucking my eyebrows and my chin any longer. So, I made an appt to have a wax job all over my face tonight.

I live an exciting life people, very exciting. (not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin)

*I am now 24 weeks along and my back is starting to hurt. Which reminds me as I type- call chiropractor.

*So it has been a few weeks since we found out I have a pair of balls in my oven and once again, we aren't fully agreeing on a name. Hopefully we will have a name, because I would like to call him something other than "the boy yet to be named".

* The crooked eyebrow family is throwing it's first party/gathering in a few weeks. Party planning can be fun and stressful. Like trying to figure out where everyone is going to park...ha. Not to mention the fear that your first party will be a bore and that nobody will enjoy themselves.

There are enough kids coming to the party that we needed to keep them busy- what better way than a jump castle, right? right. (why am i having this in a summer, pregnant when i can't drink or go in jump house?)

* We have been in our new house since Halloween last year (which is the due date of "the boy yet to be named") and before the above mentioned party we have some painting to do. First the fabulous mural of birds and brick:

then the mustard yellow breakfast nook walls. Soon to be followed is the dingy white mud room. There shall be lots of painting in the next few weeks...

*While I am on operation paint this house, I also have to pick out colors for eden's new room and the boy's nursery wall colors. Exciting. You know how I mentioned indecisiveness on baby names? Baby bedding is going about the same way...

which causes me to spend way to much time drooling over baby rooms on pinterest.


laboring in the tub with eden 10/9/09

Let's just hope that I can stay in the tub for the birth this time...that would be awesome. Just knowing that I get to take another photo like this, with all 3 babies will make (natural birthing) all worth it:

*As I type this I have 70 more working days left before maternity leave. I wish it was only 2 more days. Dammit.

*Lately Eden is all about coloring. She takes my hand, drags me to her little, little table and points to where I have to sit. From there she gives me a crayon, herself a pen and tells me to "cowhwa", or color. So we do.

*JC has been growing so very much lately. I hug him and when my arms wrap up into him, I can't believe I am hugging my first baby. He is so handsome and growing so quickly. ugh. but on the other hand I am so excited to see what he develops and matures into. His interests are changing and some days I have a hard time keeping up with "what is cool, mom". We'll see...5th grade could be a good year, I hope.

*Boom, boom, boom ...Mr. Brown is a wonder

boom, boom, boom...Mr. Brown makes thunder!

(one of eden's favorite books)

*So far my favorite cravings of this pregnancy is caprese salad. I would like an entire plate right now. All with the fresh products of the farmer's market. yum.

*JC told me the other day, "mom, you just aren't going to get it, you grew up in the 80's".

and there you have it, more Random thoughts like the hairs on my chin.


Erin said...

Call the chiropractor! Today!
Your party is going to rock. I am going to bounce a lot.

June said...

Don't worry at all about the parking ;) Also, let's talk natural of my favorite topics.

Bacardi Mama said...

I absolutely love the picture of you and your babies. You are totally glowing. Can't wait to see the next one. Your party will be great. Don't stress.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

This is the summer of caprese salad! By the way I am so bringing the caprese skewers to your party which
Is going to
Be an awesome on btw!


*Lissa* said...

I want to come to your party.

I hear ya on the hair. Let me know how the face wax goes, because I think I need it too. Aging is sooooo fun.