Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7 months

The seventh month of pregnancy. I hit it, finally. Now? Now the most popular question I get asked is "when are you due?". Quickly followed by the response "oh man, you have that long to go?".

Yup, third pregnancy and I still don't like that question. I'm a big girl as it is, and being pregnant is only makes it worse. Big birthing hips and a baby that is carrying really low, let me tell you, I'm really happy about it. If you really believe that, I'm sorry, my second language is quickly becoming sarcasm.

This pregnancy has been my hardest yet. Although I am extremely grateful for being blessed with another child, I am happy to say this is the "last one". The other two pregnancies I felt good, looked good and was never really sick. This time? This little man has put me through some different things. Like rashes. Rashes all over my body since May. It's not cute, it's not fun and I'm tired of itching. Cause? unknown. {Have I mentioned I'm tired of itching?} Nobody wants to sit and chat with the pregnant chick who cannot, for the love of God, stop itching her leg and belly. It's not attractive. I think Mr. CE himself is afraid to come near me. It's like when someone even mentions the word "lice" and then you can't stop itching your head. {are you itching yet? I totally am} Same kind of thing, itching non stop for months is not cool.

So there are other things, but I'm not going to complain. My child is a gift, a blessing and if I have to put up with extra weight, swelling, itching, all in the sake of him having a healthy body, so be it. He's worth it. They all have been. {I just so want my body to get healthier after this pregnancy!}

Eden has even started to take notice of my growing belly. She has begun to babble, a lot, and loves to say "Baby, baby, BABY". The other night she lifted up my shirt, put her chubby arms around my belly, laid her head down and repeated every word, name, phrase she knew. I died. I think I died. I had to hold back the tears as she rambled, "mommy-daddy, dido, baba, brofer, dog....". Even better? The baby started kicking when she was hugging the belly. Oh I love it and I hope I never, ever forget that moment.

As I wrap up my 29 th week, it's finally starting to hit me. Mr. J is coming fast and soon. Did you catch that? Mr. J? Yes, on the 29th week of this pregnancy we finally nailed down his name. Finally. I was tired of referring to him as the baby yet to be named. I won't share it here yet, until he is born because his name is so very special to our family. However, of course our close family and friends do know.

I look forward to the day he is in our arms and I type out how and why is name was chosen.


Bari said...

Oh my goodness I about died with the description of Eden hugging your belly and talking to the baby. So precious.

GJM said...

For what's it's worth, when I saw you last month I thought you looked beautiful! :)

June said...

Oh, I love it. And baby boy can hear his big sister talk to him; you know he can. He can hear all of you and will know you all the moment he is born and hears your voices ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm Lost A Sock's mom. A girl I work with has had THE ITCHING problem in her last 2 pregnancies. I believe she said it had something to do with her Liver. I'll check with her at work tomorrow and get back to you. God Bless, Cindie

Sarah said...

What is it about the third one? He is the whole reason that I only had three. I was sick for the first 4 months (nauseated all day everyday from the time I woke up until the time I fell asleep). I felt good for a few months, but then one day I was standing rolling a perm and nearly passed out. From then on everytime I was standind I would almost pass out. My doctor assured me it was just low of blood sugar. The doctor they found to finally deliver said that it was low blood pressure. It dropped so low when I started to push I had to stop, barf, and then they gave me some medicine to bring it back up. Plus I was terrified that the following children would only be bigger since he was 10 lbs 7 oz. I refused to give birth to a baby that could practically walk on out. :)

Crooked Eyebrow said...

Lost a sock's mom:

Happy to see you here!

Cholestasis? They drew all kinds of lab work for it, but thankfully it came up negative.