Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random summer 2011


Did we really have one?

Oh wait, summer was here!

I just hid inside the air conditioning for most of it.

{and this was the last summer to ever be pregnant, AMEN}

*JC went to a summer day camp and loudly protested how awful it would be and that we were possibly the worst parents ever for working and making him go. By the first few weeks, he had gone on several field trips, swam and went to a few movies. Not to mention 2 county fairs that neither one of his parents got to go to. Oh the horror of Summer day camp. At the end of the first month, he declared that he was positive that he wanted to return next summer.

*We ate our weight in ice cream. It's a miracle I passed by gestational diabetes testing. The last week of summer we even indulged in ice cream for dinner. I think, just maybe, it was heaven. The kids had a blast and I hope they remember that mom did, at one time, say yes to dessert for dinner.

*Flowers. I am neglecting to show just how many flowers and flower beds I have {can't show what my house looks like online, ya know?} But, I will say my mother and I spent hours, HOURS, weeding, mulching, watering and weeding some more. I have thoroughly enjoyed our flowers and plants as we spent our first summer in our new house.

*This summer Miss E became a full, miss independent toddler. Running, talking, and refusing to sit in a high chair. She started off the summer only wanting to eat her breakfast out of baggies while walking around, to now sitting next to "brudder" each morning.

*Every morning when we do drop offs, Miss E leans over and says "bye" and kisses her "brudder". My heart melts and am so very happy that they love each other.

*I never went swimming this summer, I haven't been swimming in years. However, I did manage to take the kids to the beach one evening. Miss E's first time and she loved it. My belly?
It was 25 weeks along with Mr. J.

* This summer we threw our first outdoor party. I would like to call it a success. It was hot, humid but being in the company of our good friends, neighbors and family was all worth it. The jump house, the kids' water fights, the food and oh, my the desserts. Great party indeed. Hopefully, with the success of the Gathering 1.0, we shall have the Gathering 2.0.

{and I won't be pregnant and can drink. AMEN}

*Grilling. Oh, grilling. Need I say more. My favorite from Mr. CE's summer grilling this year was his Alabama BBQ grilled chicken. Holla! That shit was amazing.

*Our first productive garden. Tomatoes. All kinds. Put these with the fresh mozzarella cheese from the market and the basil plant we had...bam. The best summer dinners of caprese salad ever.

*Miss E learned to use the potty {some times} She sings "potty for Cookie" while sitting. It just might be the cutest thing ever.

*You tube. It was the summer of you tube videos for the kids. I have several videos of my littles hamming it up and dancing to "numa numa". Miss Eden's video choice? Sugarland's "stuck like glue." We are currently trying to wean her to a new's not working. OY.

*Baby naming. It took all summer to agree on one. Mr. J it shall be.

*Family changes. Work changes. Holy cow, lots and lots of changes this summer and the year to come. Last day of work has been decided October 20th. I currently as I type this, have 37 more working days left. {AMEN}

*Farmer's market. The summer of the farmer's market and we love it. Even better, the cupcake guy. He might just think we are crazy, chubby, sugar freaks. I shall included photos next time of these FABULOUS cupcakes.

Actually, Mr. J's name was decided over these fabulous cupcakes. At the time, we all sat in the grass, with Miss E bouncing between adults feeding her cupcakes and I clearly remember shoving that last bite of red velvet in my mouth as we said "yea, Mr. J it is."

* We only filled the kiddie pool up twice. Sad. But yet I dream of having a BIG pool in the backyard one day. HA.

*Every day we drove to summer camp across town, JC would have me play certain music. As soon as we left the daycare from Miss E, I had to turn on Godsmack "Voodoo" and then when he hit a certain landmark in town I had to change the song, roll down the windows and play the theme song from the Sopranos. Every day. It soon became our "summer routine" and it was a goal to drive and land at a set of rail road tracks on his favorite part of the song at 2 minutes and 34 seconds.

I had one happy 10 year old every time we hit that mark in the song at the spot he wanted. It was our summer game.

and it was awesome...

So although summer went incredibly too fast, we still had some pretty darn good times. Good bye summer and hello 5th grade, toddler hood and new baby. Crooked is ready for you


Bari said...

Sounds like it was a fantastic summer!

Bacardi Mama said...

Are you talking about the cupcake man at the European Market in Chesterton because he is awesome. Best cupcakes ever. I'm so glad you had a good summer!

euregirlsandboys said...

My girls were stuck on that Sugarland song for a while this summer too. And you will get it stuck in your head for days. It had to stop.

Glad you've had a good summer!

designHER Momma said...

that was like 18 blog post in one! Glad you've had a fab summer!

Mimi's Toes said...

Love the picture of your belly at the beach. Looks like baby is trying to look around with a flash light (the green shiny round thing). Glad I could be a part of your summer...great party!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love that photo! And your landscaping and yard and HOUSE I love so much.