Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big sister, little momma

So much has been changing with Miss E since we brought Mr. J home. She has been filling her days pushing limits, looking cute, kissing baby and well being two. However, I see wonderful things happening in her growth as a child. She is so smart, inquisitive and blows my mind everyday with something new she learns. I love it. I love the toddler mind, they are like little sponges.

She watches me. She watches how I pat the baby, change the baby and feed the baby. A large majority of her day while I am at home is sitting right next to me. Not to mention the need to follow me into the bathroom and offer assistance wiping. {no thank you, momma can do it}.

After realizing that mommy is feeding the baby momma's milk, she has to declare every one of her sippy cups as cow's milk, not momma's milk. I find this to be quite funny. {Yes Miss E, daddy is drinking cow's milk too}When I was pregnant I wondered how she would react to me breast feeding. Well, she is doing quite well with it at this point, better than I thought. Maybe too well...

This evening, my little momma went running into her grandmother's house, hugged her aunt and proudly reached into her little collar and handed over 2 breast pads that were tucked into her little toddler dress.

Yup, big sister has been watching, learning and is quite the little momma.

Breast pads and all, she was so proud!


Corrina Beana said...

Absolutely adorable!

Cousin Amber said...

That's too freakin sweet. Love you all!!

*Lissa* said...

Heh! Adorable!

amelie522 said...

How cute! So did you wean her when you became pregnant?