Monday, January 16, 2012

not my mess

I grew up with a pretty awesome mom. I should state that first. However, she was a stickler for a clean house. For years the woman worked two jobs and cleaned up after two girls, she deserves a medal. After awhile we were old enough to clean up our own messes, but she still nagged and complained that our shared bedroom was filthy.

( two teen girls? it was)

Here is where I have to admit that my sister was cleaner than me. I swear she is OCD. (Hi sis!) Time after time I would try to blame my mess on her. "Mom, it's not my mess", I would proudly and foolishly declare. What was I thinking? I look back now as an adult and mother and who was I kidding? Silly teen me.

Almost 15 years later, now a wife and mother of three, I still panic when I know my mom will be coming over. I do! It's like I am 15 years old all over again and I can't let her down. So the night before she comes I pick up the mess, shove it out of the way like I was a teenager hiding all my dirty clothes way back in the closet and go in full clean mode. It drives my husband nuts.

But you see, as I tell my son, "I would pick up all the crap in your room, Grandma is coming tomorrow", he totally picks up the mess. He knows. He totally gets it too.

This woman,my mother, has some sort of magic cleaning powers. One time we came home to her cleaning our front door and screen. There she was, hanging out the door, scrubbing away. Later that week she was cleaning all my ceiling fans. ( i told she deserves a medal)

On to more cleaning I go, "EVERY room must be picked up" I say to myself. Then it hits me, right there in the hallway closet as I am hanging all the coats up, "this isn't my mess". (she hates coats laying around)

This *really* isn't just my mess.

The house is clean, well not clean, just cleaner and then I stop and wonder, did my grandmother do the same thing? Did my mom hurry and try to clean for her mother? Did she think to herself each night while picking up after her two gorgeous, loving daughters (hi mom!), "this isn't just my mess?"

I'll have to ask her, after I wash my dishes, she is coming tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

true. it does drive me nuts.

Erin said...

Can your mom come over to my house?
It drives me crazy that Luke sometimes won't help clean up messes that were mainly made by Tommy, because it wasn't his mess. Hello, I am ALWAYS picking up messes that don't belong to me. The messes are never mine!

Mimi's Toes said...

I can really relate to this post. My mom was a neat/clean freak and growing up with my sister, I would be the one to clean our room. I remember not wanting my mom to come over until my house was cleaned. You are right though, it's not all our mess!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how you would pay me to do your laundry and make you French toast:) You had 2-3 jobs at the time...I didn't mind the gas money. And do you really think I have OCD?!


JackeeG4glamorous said...

I love your mother. I too was a single mother of THREE...and yes, I took the screens out and washed them in soapy water. Used a toothbrush to clean the track on the sliding door.
Didn't date for years, but dang my house was clean!!!!
(clean screens make your rooms smell great by the way)
All this until I realized there was no prize for the cleanest house. No tiara, no medal of honor. There are many prizes in spending time with your loved ones and really being there - and having an ok-not-an-episode-of-hoarders house.