Thursday, February 02, 2012

3 months

Hi there, I'm three months old today!

This month I started sucking my thumb,
mom says that my siblings never did this before.

This is the lame pose my momma puts me in every month
next to this blue furry bear.

OH toes! Let me get these piggies...

I am trying to dig my crib.
Mom says she is moving me in here soon.

I just saw my mom, I like her, she has the milk.

I only like laying on my back.
I SCREAM during tummy time.

Most of the time I smile, giggle and eat.
Three months in the crooked house, at least I'm still smiling.

Have you met Miss E yet?

Yea, she is always coming after my cuteness.

1 comment:

Elaine A. said...

Look at that big smile! He's precious!