Monday, April 02, 2012

5 months

What is mom holding? Crinkling paper? I LOVE
the sound of paper crinkling.

Guess what?
I am 5 months old now!

Time is flying by...
That means I have had 5 straight months of being posed next to this blue bear.

and now mom is making me lay down when all I want to do is sit up.
MOM, I can sit up now!

She likes it when I do this all day.

Wait, crinkle noises...

Mom said her heart fluttered when she saw this photo
because it looks just like her when she was a baby.

I just like to eat my toes....

I have been busy this month, mostly eating and growing.

As of lately I have been enjoying Oatmeal at night, I dig that.
Although I am not sleeping through the night.
Mom wishes.

She loves me anyways, how could she not when I look this good?


Anonymous said...

love love love


Bari said...

So cute!

Mimi's Toes said...

love his little patch of hair on top...