Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Mr. J. 9 months ( better late than never)

Mr. J,

I am so sorry, mom is late again. An entire month behind. You see, summer has been busy with all three babies at home. There were trips to a water park, a zoo, a few fairs. But here you are. This is the month where you would walk with toys, attempt to stand on your own and well, its the month where you have the most bruises on your head from thinking you can walk.

You eat poofs and cheerios like they are going out of style and you are quick to spit out green beans. As of now, you prefer mom to anyone and I am sorry for the poor souls in the room when I leave. Why? Your scream. You scream, throw your head back and cry. It's heart breaking to see you cry when I just have to use the bathroom. (so you usually go with me)

 I wish I could say you are sleeping through the night. Alas, you are not. Work on that kid, momma is tired. ( but I love nursing you back to sleep, its our quiet time without miss e)

Your sister was trying to make you smile.

Justin- 9 months

Your hangout

Every month, you try to take your sticker off.

So tired of the bear pose

Mr. J prefers to stand. ALL THE TIME

typical look

VERY typical look

Holy cow, now momma has to get your 10 month photos up.

love you my honey bunny

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Mimi's Toes said...

what a cutie patootie...And I still need to meet this little man! You can swim in his blue eyes...