Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby, time sure does fly

It happened,  I was just hoping it wouldn't have gone so fast.

My last baby, doesn't seem like a baby anymore.
He is his own little person now.

I marvel at his eyes as they focus so intently when discovering something new.

From a distance I glance over to see him figure things out on his own.
 He looks so big and I think ,"I would have never thought he would understand that yet", but he does.

Almost 15 months old. Already?

I will remember the last time he nursed after bumping his head.
He ran to me and Momma was the only thing he wanted.
I held, sang to him and then this toddler in my arms got right back down to find another adventure.

Every time he looks at me I see little similarities that he shares with my other babies.

The curls have begun. I love them. 
Often I wish that he would sit still so I can twirl his golden locks.

You have awesome, amazing, wonderful things to see and do, my love.

So I will sit back and watch, awaiting your next smile, hug, laugh or cry.

Because baby, time sure does fly.

1 comment:

Mimi's Toes said...

Yes, time sure does fly...I still need to meet this little man. Such a cutie!