Monday, February 11, 2013

My girl

This gorgeous girl has spirit and lots of it. 

She is a lover, a babbler, a throw her head back with
eyes pinched shut and spin fast kinda girl.

She is fierce and stubborn.

She is a "leave me alone, I'm busy".
but give me a hug before you go.

She is a sit here for one moment then move because
life is too short child.

She is a watcher, a doer and a let me see kid.
A what can I get away with if I smile.

Total Daddy girl.

Not to mention a singer, painter, dancer and a
"GIVE ME MORE GLUE!!!" child.

She is doll.

She is a best (my)  friend.
She is my sweet Miss E


Erin said...

She looks so sassy on the couch!

Mimi's Toes said...

She looks just like YOU! She IS a doll!

Anonymous said...

She is every word you wrote. Through Auntie's eyes she is so passionate, a tiny fashionista and my future shopping buddy! Love that matter how much she throws that beautiful head back!